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Find the best MP 40 build in Arena Breakout and which ammo type that you should use with this weapon inside the article.

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The MP 40 is a submachine gun that use 9x19mm ammo type and it has a decent firing power generating a fire rate of 500 Round per minute with 33 meters effective range.

The MP 40 is a decent gun to use for close quarter gunfight, it has moderate recoil control, and limited attachments and it support both single and fully automatic firing modes.

Best MP 40 Build in Arena Breakout

UZI Arena Breakout Best Build - zilliongamer

The MP 40 has a very limited attachments choice so building the MP 40 is very limited, you can only equipped 2 attachments that include MP40 32 Megazine and MP 40 F. Stock.

It's quite cheap for this build, costing around 1800 to 1900 Koen to assemble this MP 40 from scratch.

Best MP 40 Ammo in Arena Breakout

Here you can find all compatible ammo tier base and their penetration power to use with MP 40 Submachine gun in Arena Breakout:

9x19mmBase DamagePenetration
Dumdum (T0)641.4133.32
PSD (T1)449.82124.95
Pst (T2)416.5166.6
AP6.3 (T3)399.84249.9
7N31 (T4)391.51333.2

With this ammo damage chart, you can figure out which ammo type you can use according to your raid level.

If you are planning to go into a high level raid, you can use T3 ammo or higher to output maximum damage. However, if you are going into a low level raid, you can use any T3 ammo or lower.

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