Arena Breakout Submachine Gun Ammo Chart & Stats

In this article we showcase Arena Breakout Submachine Gun Ammo chart, effective range, plus additional stats likes rate of fire and bullet per seconds.

Submachine Gun Ammo Chart & Range

There are 14 Submachine Gun total in Arena Breakout. Here you can see each SMG ammo and their based firing prime range.

WeaponAmmo ChartEffective Range
MP5 | Arena BreakoutMP59x19mm43
MPX | Arena BreakoutMPX9x19mm57
P90 | Arena BreakoutP905.7x28mm38
UZI | Arena BreakoutUZI9x19mm35
UMP45 | Arena BreakoutUMP45.45 Caliber40
MP40 | Arena BreakoutMP 409x19mm33
MAC 10 | Arena BreakoutMAC-10.45 Caliber43
M3A1 | Arena BreakoutM3A1.45 Caliber39
T79 | Arena BreakoutT797.62x25mm36
QC61 | Arena BreakoutQC617.62x25mm38
MPF45 | Arena BreakoutMPF45.45 Caliber30
Vector45 | Arena BreakoutVector 45.45 Caliber35
T85 | Arena BreakoutT857.62x25mm45
Vector9 | Arena BreakoutVector 99x19mm35

SMG Stats: Rate of Fire & Bullets Per Second

For this part you can find out all Submachine gun rate of fire and how fast they can shoot per second.

NameRate of FireBullets Per Second
MP 405008.33
Vector 995015.83

Take note that all these Submachine rate of fire stats are based on their original version, no attachments are equip to manipulate the stats.

Submachine Gun Tips & Guides

It's a no brainer, you should and must use any Submachine gun for only close range combat (50 meters max) if you want to output max damage toward enemy.

Submachine gun has fast fire rate which means that you can hit your target with a lot of bullets per second. In Short, you kill enemy quicker with SMG in close range.

Recoil wise, they are pretty controllable but like I said, only in close range, otherwise you will just waste your ammunition.

When to use Submachine Gun?

We recommend you should use Submachine Gun in Small Maps like Farmland or Valley where most point of interests are design for close quarter gunfight.

Which Body part to aim at while using SMG?

In close range combat, you will see a lot of movement, we highly recommend you practice aiming toward your enemy chest so your hit rate is greater.


Overall, Submachine Gun in Arena Breakout can be very strong if you use it correctly, don't try to use it for medium to long range, and be mindful of where to hit the enemy to output max damage.