.45 Caliber Ammo Stats, & Compatible Weapons

In Arena Breakout there are 3 types of .44 Caliber ammo that you can use.

You can find these ammo base damage, penetration power, and compatible weapons in this article.

.45 Caliber Ammo Chart

This ammo chart show you all .45 Caliber bullet base damage, penetration level, and bullet velocity.

Arena Breakout .45 Caliber ammo chart

The 3 differences types of .45 Caliber in Arena Breakout such as: HS, FMJ, and AP.

These ammo is compatible with UMP45, MAC-10, M3A1, MPF45, Vector 45 (Submachine Gun), and M1911, M45A1 (Pistol).

.45 Caliber Graph

For this part, we have a full comparison graph of all .45 Caliber ammo base damage and penetration power.

Arena Breakout .45 Caliber ammo graph

.45 Caliber HS

The .45 Caliber HS is a tier 1 penetration level that deal 58 base damage and 11 penetration power plus 2.9 armor damage.

This ammo has 274m/s bullet velocity, a decent ammo to use in close range gunfight against enemy with low tier armor.

You can buy this ammo with an average price of 18 Koen per unit. (Price may change).

.45 Caliber FMJ

The .45 Caliber FMJ is another tier 1 penetration level that deal base 54 base damage and 19 penetration power with 5.6 armor damage.

This ammo has a bullet velocity speed of 285m/s, it's great for close range gunfight and use against enemy with low tier armor.

Price wise, the .45 Caliber FMJ cost you an average price of 15 Keon per unit. (Price can change).

.45 Caliber AP

The .45 Caliber AP is a tier 3 penetration level that deal 49 base damage and 32 penetration power with 9.2 armor damage.

Bullet velocity  wise, this ammo has a speed of 299m/s that you can use in close to medium range, and it's great to use against high tier armor.

This ammo can cost you around 152 Koen per unit, it's probably the ammo that you should buy every time, because it's cheap and great to use.


In conclusion, the .45 Caliber ammo is a great bullet in Arena Breakout that you can use for your Submachine gun and pistols.