7.62x25mm Ammo Stats & Compatible Weapons

In Arena Breakout there are 4 types of 7.62x25mm ammo that you can use.

Find 7.62x25mm ammo base damage, penetration power, and compatible weapons inside this article.

7.62x25mm Ammo Chart

This chart show you a details of all 7.62x25mm ammo base damage, penetration level, and bullet velocity.

Arena Breakout 7.62x25mm ammo chart

The 4 differences types of 7.62x25mm in Arena Breakout are: LRN, PT, AKBS, and PST.

These ammo is compatible with: T79, QC61, T85 (Submachine Gun) and , T54, C752 (Pistol).

7.62x25mm Ammo Graph

Inside this part, you can view a graph comparison of all the 7.62x25mm ammo alongside with their base damage and penetration power.

Arena Breakout 7.62x25mm ammo graph

7.62x25mm LRN

The 7.62x25mm LRN is a tier 0 penetration ammo that deal 64 base damage, with 9 penetration power and 2.1 armor damage.

This ammo has a 375m/s bullet velocity, it's great to use in close to medium range against low tier armor enemies.

This ammo can cost you around 66 Koen per unit, however the price can change. This ammo is good for your pistols.

7.62x25mm PT

The PT is a tier 1 penetration ammo with 55 base damage and 19 penetration power plus 5.9 armor damage.

This ammo got a 415 bullet velocity, you can use this ammo in your SMG and it's great for close to medium range gunfight.

Price wise, you can buy this ammo around 14 Koen per unit. (Price can change). This is a great ammo to use against mid tier enemy.

7.62x25mm AKBS

The AKBS is a tier 1 penetration bullet that deal 58 base damage and 13 penetration power with 4.5 armor damage. A Great tier ammo.

It has 425m/s bullet velocity, a pretty fast speed bullet to use in close to medium range against enemy with low tier armor.

You can buy this ammo with an average price of 66 Koen per unit. (Price can change).

7.62x25mm PST

The 7.62x25mm PST is a tier 2 penetration level that deal 50 base damage and 22 penetration power plus 10.3 armor damage.

The PST ammo version has a 430m/s bullet velocity, you can use this ammo against enemy with medium tier armor.

This ammo cost you around 53 Koen per unit. (Price can change). This is the best ammo that you can buy in the 7.62x25mm ammo.


In Conclusion, Submachine Gun and Pistols uses this armor, it's a great ammo in general. You can get these ammo at a cheap price as well.