Arena Breakout Gas Mask: Stats & Details

Welcome to Arena Breakout Gas Mask guide. Here you can find all details about all the Gas Mask. Let's get into it.

Gas Mask provide you anti-poison effect and some of them also provide extra anti-flash effect. It's a great counter toward Gas grenade.

Here is a graph showing all Gas Mask in Arena Breakout:

Arena Breakout Gas Mask V1 List

SH3 Gas Mask

The SH3 Gas Mask provide you a bad anti-poison effect but you won't be getting Anti Flash effect.

In-game description: Universal gas mask made by Gorod, designed with the convenience of left-handed soldiers in mind, features detachable lateral ports, and adapter that facilities installation of different filters.

Price wise, the SH3 Gas Mask can cost you around 560 Koen per unit.

RAL Full Gas Mask

The RAL Full is another gas mask that provide you medium anti-poison effect but not anti flash effect.

In-game description: Break Point Zero face shield, made from strong bromobutyl rubber, features an excellent seal and a wide-angle field of view, ensuring the safety and vision of the wearer.

You can buy RAL FULL Gas mask with an average unit price of 8700 Koen.

RAL 20 Field Gas Mask

The RAL 20 Half-Mask is a pretty good gas mask that has bad anti-poison effect and bad anti-flash effect. It's a great budget mask that provide both function.

In-game description: First choice of maritime units, this gas mask features googles made from polycarbonate materials that protect UV rays and glare, manufactured by Break Point Zero, also fitted with a new type of filter cartridge.

Price wise, the RAL 20 Half-Mask cost you around 1500 Koen per unit.

RAL Google Gas Mask

The RAL Google Gas mask has a strong anti-poison and mid anti-flash effect. Another great gas mask that you can get if you can afford.

In-game description: New generation gas mask from Break Point Zero, the main body is made of a proprietary butyl blend material and the large eyepiece provides soldiers with a wilder field of vision.

You can buy the RAL Google Gas mask around 15000 Koen per unit. It's quite expensive from here.

RAL10 Universal Gas Mask

The RAL10 Universal is a bad anti-poison effect gas mask and medium anti-flash effect.

Break Point Zero RAL10 universal gas mask, produced in large quantities to ensure success of operations in challenging environments 

Price wise the RAL10 Universal Gas Mask is worth around 1400 Koen per unit. This is the best and cheapest Gas mask that you should get.

RAL40 Advanced Gas Mask

The RAL-40 Advanced is a gas mask that has Strong anti-poison effect and strong anti-flash effect.

In-game description: Popular dual-cartridge gas mask by Breakpoint Zero, made from chlorinated butyl rubber components and silicone compounds to prevent infiltration and corrosion. The high degree of flexibility and comfort provided permits extended use.

Price wise the RAL40 Advanced Gas Mask is worth around 19000 Koen per unit.

SH-4 Gas Mask

The SH-4 Gas Mask has a medium anti-poison effect and strong anti-flash effect. It's the strongest gas mask in Arena Breakout.

In-game description: New compact combination full face mask from Gorod Industrial, featuring larger googles and reinforced seam for a tighter seal and better protection.

The SH-4 Gas Mask can cost an average unit price of 27,0000 Keon.


In Short, Wearing Gas Mask if you don't want to struggle against Gas grenade in Arena Breakout, however, you won't be able to wear any face mask.