Arena Breakout Light Machine Gun Ammo Chart & Stats

In this article we showcase Arena Breakout Light Machine Gun ammo type, effective range, and additional stats like fire rate and bullet per seconds.

Light Machine Gun Ammo & Effective Range

Currently in Arena Breakout there are 1 Light Machine gun. Here you can find their ammo type and their based effective range.

NameAmmo TypeEffective Range
RPK16 Light Machine Gun | Arena BreakoutRPK165.45x39mm110

LMG Stats: Rate of Fire & Bullets Per Second

Here you can find the light machine gun rate of fire and how fast each the Light machine gun can shoot per second.

NameRate of FireBullets Per Second

Note: Our stats are taken from original in-game stats, we don't equip any attachments to manipulate the stats.

Light Machine Gun Tips & Guides

When using the Light Machine Gun you need to be aware of it recoil and your position, in Arena Breakout you don't want to attract a lot of A.I or give away your position to other players too often.

Try to use short burst or single fire instead of fully spray your target. Also try to equip silencer to eliminate those loud firing sound.

The gun is good at every range but it can be extremely hard to use. So Keep that in mind and try to hit the enemy upper chest area or headshot to take them down quick.


In conclusion, Light Machine Gun is a decent gun to use in Arena Breakout currently, there are only 1 lmg to use.