Arena Breakout Carbine Rifle Ammo Chart & Stats

In this article we showcase Arena Breakout Carbine rifle ammo chart, effective range, and their important stats likes rate of fire and how fast these guns can shoot.

Carbine Rifle Ammo Chart & Effective Range

There are 8 Carbine rifle in Arena Breakout. In this part you are going to find out their which ammo they use and how far their prime range is at.

WeaponAmmo ChartEffective Range
SKS Carbine | Arena BreakoutSKS7.62x39mm110
M14 Carbine | Arena BreakoutM147.62x51mm120
M96 Carbine | Arena BreakoutM965.56x45mm78
Mini14 Carbine | Arena BreakoutMini145.56x45mm100
SA85M Carbine | Arena BreakoutSA85M7.62x39mm90
BM59 Carbine | Arena BreakoutBM597.62x51mm86
SVTU Carbine | Arena BreakoutSVTU7.62x54mm50
M16 Carbine | Arena BreakoutM165.56x45mm93

Carbine Rifle Stats: Rate of Fire & Bullet Per Seconds

Here you can find all Carbine Rifle important stats such as their fire rate and how fast these guns can shoot.

NameRate of FireBullet Per Seconds

We didn't equip any attachments on any of these guns so the stats you see is the based version. It will change when you start using attachments.

Carbine Rifle Tips & Guides

In Arena Breakout, the Carbine is a semi-automatic rifle that require you to single tap firing, great for medium to long range gunfight.

When you use these Carbine rifle, you should equip silencer on it so the it take longer for the enemy to track your position.

Also when you use Carbine rifle try to pair it with either Assault Rifle or Submachine gun to secure your close range gunfight.

What is the best body part to hit with a Carbine Rifles?

Always try to hit either Headshot or Upper chest area to output maximum damage when you use any of the Carbine rifle.

What is the best Map to use Carbine Rifle?

The Carbine Rifles specialist range are for medium and long range which is great for map like Northridge, Valleyand Farmland

Carbine Rifle Changes History

Second Closed Beta:

  • The SVTU and M16 was added to Arena Breakout in second closed beta.
  • Nerf Mini14 rate of fire from 600 to 400 RPM.


Overall, If you like to use an accurate single tap firing weapon in Arena Breakout try to use one of these Carbine rifle and you will see how strong these guns are.