Best M96 Build in Arena Breakout

Find the best M96 build in Arena Breakout and get to know which ammo you should use with this sniper.

Arena Breakout M96 Guides: Build & Ammo - zilliongamer

The M96 is a Carbine rifle that use 5.56x45mm ammo type. This is a great carbine weapon that has good performance with great accuracy and a prime range of 78 meters.

Best M96 Build in Arena Breakout

Best M96 Arena Breakout Build - zilliongamer

This weapon has very limited attachments to build, so here you can find the best M96 build down below.

Here is the best attachments for M96 in Arena Breakout:

  • Magazine: AR 40 P.
  • Barrel: M96

Scope wise, please choose any scope that you feels most comfortable with so you can be extremely accurate with your shot.

For this M96 build, we have improve the weapon magazine size capacity so you won't run out of ammo quick during gunfight.

In order to assemble this M96 build from scratch, you will need around 7000 to 9000 Koen. It's quite cheap to max out this build.

Best M96 Ammo in Arena Breakout

Here you can find all the compatible ammo tier base damage, and it's penetration power when using the M96 carbine:

5.56x45mmBase DamagePenetration
M193 (T1)346.3279.92
HP Hunting (T1)479.5293.24
FMJ Hunting (T2)352.98139.86
M855 (T3)339.66226.44
M855A1 (T4)326.34266.4
M995 (T5)279.72346.32

We recommend you to choose any of these ammo based on your raid level, if you are going into a high level raid make sure you choose either the M885A1 or M995 ammo.

However, if you are playing in a lower level raid against enemy with low body armor you can choose between the FMJ Hunting or M855 ammo.

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