7.62x54mm Stats & Compatible Weapons

For the 7.62x54mm ammo there are 5 types in Arena Breakout.

Find it's base damage, penetration level, and compatible weapons in this article.

7.62x54mm Ammo Chart

This graph display the 7.62x39 base damage, penetration level, and bullet velocity:

Arena Breakout 7.62x54mm ammo chart

The 5 difference types of 7.62x54mm in Arena Breakout are: T46M, LPS, 7BT1, SNB, and 7N37.

All these ammo type are compatible with SVDS, SVTU and Mosin-Nagant. (Carbine & Bolt Action Rifle).

7.62x54mm Ammo Graph

For this graph, you can see these 5 difference types of 7.62x54mm base damage and penetration power so you can choose which ammo you should use.

Arena Breakout 7.62x54mm ammo graph

The 7.62x54mm 7BT1 are the most bang for you buck, it has higher penetration power as well as high base damage with penetration tier of 5.

You should use the SNB and 7N37 version of the ammo if you want to eliminate high tier enemy (6 or 7 tier armor).

7.62x54mm T46M

The 7.62x54mm T46M is a tier 3 penetration ammo that has 81 base damage and 33 penetration power.

It's a great ammo to use against enemy that has low tier armor with the armor damage of 8.7 and the bullet velocity of 800m/s. The T46M cost an average price of 225 Koen per unit.

7.62x54mm LPS

The LPS ammo consist of tier 4 penetration level and 81 base damage with 42 penetration power.

This ammo can deal the armor damage of 15.1 with the bullet velocity of 865 m/s. You can use this ammo well against enemy with armor tier of 4 or 5.

The 7.62x54mm LPS has an average price of 500 Koen per unit, it's a bit pricy but nothing compare to the last 3.

7.62x54mm 7BT1

For the 7x62x54mm 7BT1 this ammo has a level 5 penetration and 79 base damage plus 54 penetration power.

The 7BT1 ammo has a higher armor damage of 25.9 and the bullet velocity of 820m/s, it has high accuracy, and great for mid range snipe.

For the price of this ammo, they cost an average of 1354 Koen per unit. It cost around 14500 Koen per 10 ammo.

7.62x54mm SNB

The 7.62x54mm SNB is a tier 6 penetration ammo that has a base damage of 74 and 64 penetration power.

For this ammo, it has a 32.9 armor damage which is really good for high armor gunfight, this is a powerful ammo that you can use for SKS.

Price wise, the 7.62x54mm SNB ammo cost an average of 2205 Koen per unit or 22050 Koen per 10 bullets.

7.62x54mm 7N37

Lastly, we have the 7.62x54mm 7N37, the most powerful 7.62x54mm ammo that you can get.

This ammo has a penetration level of 7 with 71 penetration power and 71 base damage, a must use ammo for you carbine if you want to take out high armor enemy.

The 7.62x54mm 7N37 is an armor piercing bullet with 785m/s bullet velocity. With such high damage having a little slower bullet velocity wouldn't mind.

The 7.62x54mm 7N37 cost an average price of 2520 Koen per unit, it's also the most expensive ammo.


Overall, The 7.62x54mm are the most powerful ammo that you can use for your SVDS Carbine and Mosin-Nagant Bolt Action Rifle. It might cost a lot, but it worth the damage output.