Arena Breakout Assault Rifle Ammo Chart, & Stats

In this article we showcase Arena Breakout Assault rifle ammo type, effective range, and additional stats like rate of fire and bullet per seconds.

Assault Rifle Ammo & Effective Range

Currently there are a total of 17 Assault rifles in Arena Breakout. Here you can find their ammo type, and their based effective range.

NameAmmo TypeEffective Range
T03 Arena BreakoutT035.8x42mm90
T951 Arena BreakoutT9515.8x42mm85
AUG | Arena BreakoutAUG5.56x45mm120
SCAR-L | Arena BreakoutSCAR-L5.56x45mm90
ACE31 | Arena BreakoutACE317.62x39mm95
AEK | Arena BreakoutAEK7.62x39mm100
AN-94 | Arena BreakoutAN-945.45x39mm120
AKM | Arena BreakoutAKM7.62x39mm90
AK74N | Arena BreakoutAK-74N5.45x39mm80
AKS74U | Arena BreakoutAKS-74U5.45x39mm60
M4A1 | Arena BreakoutM4A15.56x45mm91
FAL | Arena BreakoutFAL7.62x51mm124
H416 | Arena BreakoutH4165.56x45mm60
MDR | Arena BreakoutMDR5.56x45mm85
AK102 | Arena BreakoutAK-1025.56x45mm80
F2000 | Arena BreakoutF20005.56x45mm81
AR57 | Arena BreakoutAR-575.7x28mm80

AR Stats: Rate of Fire & Bullets Per Second

Here you can find all assault rifles rate of fire and how fast each of the assault rifle can shoot per second.

NameRate of FireBullets Per Second

Take note that these assault stats are taken from the based weapon stats, we didn't use any attachments to manipulate the stats.

Assault Rifle Tips & Guides

In Arena Breakout, Gunfight can happened at any ranges, having an Assault rifle as your weapon can alleviate the fear of not having the correct gun to support your gunfight.

Assault Rifle is hybrid you can use it for close range or medium range and as well as long range if you build them correctly with correct ammo.

Building a proper assault rifle can cost a lot, we recommend you focus on picking the right ammo first since that will be the decided of whether you will win your gunfight or not.

Which enemy body part to hit with Assault Rifle?

Head, Simple. If you are precise with your aiming skill, try hitting headshot to eliminate the enemy the fastest.

Beside head, you should at least try to hit the upper chest area, or the whole body since that will be the second highest damage receiver.

Which Maps Should I use Assault Rifle?

Any maps, Farmland, Valley, Northridge, Armory, TV Station. Doesn't matter, It's essential that you must have one Assault Rifle and then you can pair it with either a Submachine gun, or a Bolt-action rifle.

Assault Rifle Changes History

The AUG was removed from Arena Breakout second closed beta.


In short, In Arena Breakout Assault Rifles is a unique type of weapons that is good for close quarter and also range combat which is highly need in this high risk hostile environment.