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Find the best AK-102 build in Arena Breakout and which ammo you should use with this weapon in this article.

Arena Breakout AK-102 Guides: Build & Ammo - zilliongamer

The AK-102 is an assault rifle that use 5.56x45mm ammo, this gun has high firing power which generate 600 rounds per minute with an effective range of 80 meters.

The AK-102 is a good gun to use for close to mid range combat, it has low recoil control with single and fully automatic firing mode compatibility.

Budget AK-102 Build in Arena Breakout

AK-102 Arena Breakout Budget Build - zilliongamer

This is a really good budget AK-102 build in Arena Breakout that you should consider trying it out, it's worth the money and perform really good.

  • Magazine: AK-100 30
  • Pistol Grip: Lwt. AK
  • Stock: AK to PT
  • Stock: PT1
  • Receiver: AK
  • Muzzle: AR Univ.
  • Rear Sight: AK
  • Charging Handle: AK
  • Gas Block: AKM
  • Handguard: AK P.

For Scope, it's personal preference, you can use any scope you like. 

For this AK-102 budget build, we've improve both Vertical & Horizontal recoil, it's ergonomic, and a little bit of the weapon accuracy.

For this AK-102 budget build it can cost you around 15,900 to 21,000 Koen, it's very cheap and its performance is almost on par as the expensive AK-102 build.

Expensive AK-102 Build in Arena Breakout

AK-102 Arena Breakout Expensive Build - zilliongamer

This is the most expensive AK-102 build that you can build, although it's quite expensive but it's really worth it if you are an AK-102 main.

  • Magazine: AK-100 30
  • Pistol Grip: AK Ind.
  • Stock: RPK-16
  • Stock: Carb. Int
  • Stock: Carbine
  • Receiver: AK In-Line
  • Muzzle: 5.56
  • Charging Handle: AK
  • Gas Block: AKM
  • Handguard: AK R.
  • Front Grip: Lwt. Vertical
  • Tact. Accessory: B-V.Laser

For Scope, it's generally personal preference, you can use any scope you want.

For this build we've improve a lot of the AK-102 both recoil, ergonomic and Hip.stats which make your hipfire more accurate and lethal to use in any situation.

To assemble the AK-102 build from scratch, it can cost you 147,000 to 150,000 Koen, it quite expensive for an AK-102 but the performance you get out of this weapon is insane.

Best AK-102 Ammo in Arena Breakout

Here you can view all the compatible ammo tier base damage and their penetration power when use with the AK-102 assault rifle.

5.56x45mmBase DamagePenetration
M193 (T1)52071
HP (T1)72051
FMJ (T2)53071
M855 (T3)510111
M855A1 (T4)490175
M995 (T5)420265

Now that you see the damage chart, you can decide which ammo is the best for your AK-102 build.

We highly recommend you to use T3 or below ammo if you run in low tier raid against low level enemies.

However, If you go into raid against higher tier enemy or high level raid, we recommend you to use T3 or above ammo.

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