Best AEK Build in Arena Breakout: Budget & Decked Out

Find the best AEK build in Arena Breakout for both budget build and max koen build here plus which ammo you should use with this weapon down below.

Arena Breakout AEK Guides: Build & Ammo - zilliongamer

The AEK is an assault rifle that use 7.62x39mm ammo, damage wise this gun deal very good damage, with fast fire rate generating 13.33 bullet per second with an effective range 100 meters.

Recoil wise, the AEK assault rifle has moderate recoil control, in close to medium range the recoil won't be hard to control. But at long range the recoil control can be a little hard to control.

Down below you can find the AEK budget build in Arena Breakout and also a fully-decked out expensive AEK build.

Best Budget AEK Build in Arena Breakout

Best Budget AEK Arena Breakout Build - zilliongamer

This AEK build is pretty cheap and affordable for all players. Here is the best attachments for the best budget AEK build in Arena Breakout:

  • Bolt: AEK.
  • Stocks: AEK Std.
  • Receiver: AEK Std.
  • Muzzles: AKM F.
  • Handguards: AEK Std.
  • Front Grip: Alloy.
  • Magazines: AKM 40.

For scope wise, you can pick any scope that you prefers.

Price wise, the AEK assault rifle can cost you around 44,000 to 46,000 Koen. It's pretty powerful with good recoil control and also improve the Hipfire accuracy as well.

Best Expensive AEK Build in Arena Breakout

Best Expensive AEK Arena Breakout Build - zilliongamer

This is the best build for AEK and for those that has a lot of Koen laying around and want a fully decked out AEK class, you can try this build out.

Here is the best attachments for AEK in Arena Breakout:

  • Bolt: AEK.
  • Stocks: AEK Adptr.
  • Stocks: AR Ext.
  • Stocks: Carbine.
  • Receiver: AEK Pica.
  • Muzzles: 7.62 Sup.
  • Handguards: AEK Impv.
  • Front Grips: Lwt. Vertical.
  • Base: 2.5 Mod.
  • Tact. Accessory: Q.Laser.
  • Magazines: AKM 50.

Scopes are personal preference, you can use any scope you like.

We've build the AEK class to improves the vertical and horizontal recoil control, ergonomics, and hipfire accuracy.

Price wise, this build can cost you around 135,000 to 137,000 Koen to assemble the gun from scratch.

Best AEK Ammo in Arena Breakout

Here you can see all the compatible ammo tier base damage and penetration power when used with the AEK assault rifle:

7.62x39mmBase DamagePenetration
LP (Tier 1)799.8173.29
HP (Tier 1)1079.73213.28
US (Tier 2)733.15359.91
PS (Tier 3)773.14439.89
T45M (Tier 3)839.79413.23
BP (Tier 4)786.47599.85
AP (Tier 5)653.17719.82

With this damage graph, you can decide which ammo you should use. You should pick the ammo tier based on your raid level, if you are going against high level raid you should use T4 or T5.

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