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Find the best FAL build in Arena Breakout and which ammo you should use with the weapon in this article.

Arena Breakout FAL Guides: Build & Ammo - zilliongamer

The FAL is an assault rifle that use 7.62x51mm ammo, this gun has very high firing power output big damage and generating 630 rounds per minute with an effective range of 124 meters.

With it's high Damage profile, the FAL also has high recoil control which is hard for the gun to perform fully automatic (spray) in mid to long range. We suggest you use single shot for range gunfight.

Down below you can find our FAL build for both Budget / Cheap and Expensive / fully decked out recommendation.

Budget FAL Build in Arena Breakout

FAL Arena Breakout Budget Build - zilliongamer

Here is the best attachments for budget FAL build in Arena Breakout:

  • Magazine: FAL 30.
  • Pistol Grip: FAL Cmf.
  • Receiver: FAL
  • Stock: FAL Sp.
  • Rear Sight: FAL
  • Handguard: FAL Ext.
  • Front Grip: TRIANGULAR
  • Barrel: FAL L.
  • Muzzle: Mk14 Suppressor

Scopes are personal preference, use any scope you like.

This FAL build is affordable and it's improve the based gun recoil, ergonomics, and Hip. Stats. So you handle the gun better in fully automatic.

For this build, it can cost you somewhere between 60,000 to 70,000 Koen to build the FAL from scratch, it's quite pricy for a budget build but you can't go wrong with it.

If you want to cut down the price, you can remove the Mk14 Suppressor although it's mean you will lose sound suppression as well.

Expensive FAL Build in Arena Breakout

FAL Arena Breakout Expensive Build - zilliongamer

If you are rich in Koen and you want a fully equipped FAL with the most powerful attachments, we recommend you to try out this build.

Here is the best attachments for FAL expensive build in Arena Breakout:

  • Magazine: FAL 30
  • Pistol Grip: FAL Cmf.
  • Receiver: FAL
  • Stock: FAL Adptr.
  • Stock: AR Ext.
  • Stock: Carb.Int.
  • Stock: Carbine
  • Rear Sight: FAL
  • Handguard: FAL Ext.
  • Front Grip: Lwt. Vertical
  • Tact. Accessory: B.V Laser
  • Barrel: FAL L
  • Muzzle: Mk 14 Suppressor

Scopes are personal preference, you can use any scope you wish to.

For this FAL build, you can expect a very high huge recoil reduction which is what the FAL desperately need, also you will have faster ergonomics, and 10% more accurate during hipfire.

Best FAL Ammo in Arena Breakout

Here you can see all the compatible ammo tier base damage and penetration power when used with the FAL assault rifle:

7.62x51mmBase DamagePenetration
UN (T1)924168
BPZ (T3)871.5336
M80 (T4)850.5441
M62 (T5)745.5556.5
M61 (T6)682.5714

After seeing this chart, you can decide which ammo you should use on your FAL build.

For our recommendation, we suggest you should use any T4 or above against high tier enemies whereas T3 and T1 you can use against low tier enemies.

What do you think of this build? Let us know in our DISCORDwe are waiting for your feedback and see you on the battlefield.

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