7.62x51mm Stats & Compatible Weapons

In Arena Breakout, there are 5 types of 7.62x51mm ammo in Arena Breakout.

Find this bullet base damage, penetration level, and compatible weapons inside this article.

7.62x51mm Ammo Chart

In this part, you can find our detail ammo chart of the 7.62x51mm featuring the base damage, their penetration level, and bullet velocity.

Arena Breakout 7.62x51mm ammo chart

The 5 difference types of 7.62x51mm in Arena Breakout such as: UN, BPZ FMJ, M80, M62, and M61. This ammo is compatible withFAL, MK14, M110, M24, M14, and BM59.

7.62x51mm Ammo Graph

For this part, we present you a comparison of the 7.62x51mm ammo graph featuring the base damage, and penetration power.

Arena Breakout 7.62x51mm ammo graph

7.62x51mm UN

The 7.62x51mm UN is a tier 1 penetration bullet, this ammo has a base damage of 88 and penetration power of 16 with 5.4 armor damage.

This bullet has a 822m/s bullet velocity, and when you hit your target it has a medium chance to cause injuries.

Price wise, the 7.62x51mm UN cost around 50 Koen per unit. (Price will change).

7.62x51mm BPZ FMJ

For the 7.62x51mm BPZ FMJ it's a tier 3 penetration bullet, this ammo can deal a base damage of 83 and 32 penetration power with 9.0 armor damage.

The 7.62x51mm has 840m/s bullet velocity, it's a pretty fast bullet that is great for dealing against mid tier armor enemy from close to mid range.

You can buy the 7.62x51mm ammo which cost around 124 Koen per unit. (Price might change).

7.62x51mm M80

The 7.62x51mm M80 is a tier 4 penetration bullet that deal 81 base damage with 42 penetration power and 16.8 armor damage.

It's has 833m/s bullet velocity which is lethal to use for medium to long range gunfight. It's a pretty good armor to use against good tier armor.

Price wise, the 7.62x51mm M80 cost around 300 Koen per unit and the price may change.

7.62x51mm M62

The 7.62x51mm M62 is a tier 5 penetration bullet that deal 71 base damage plus 53 penetration power and 26.0 armor damage.

This ammo has a total of 816m/s bullet velocity, this armor is great to use for close to medium range and it's really great to use against high tier armor.

You can buy this ammo with the price around 1030 Koen per unit. (Price may change).

7.62x51mm M61

For the 7.62x51mm M61 is the highest tier 6 penetration bullet that deal 65 base damage and 68 penetration power. Extremely powerful bullet.

This ammo has a total of 849m/s bullet velocity, this is the fastest ammo among this ammo type. It's great for medium to long range gunfight against high tier armor.

Price wise, you can buy this ammo around 1518 Koen per unit. (Price may change).


In conclusion, These 5 types of 7.62x51mm ammo is some of the best ammo that you can use in your assault rifles, marksman rifle, and carbines.

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