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Find the best M24 build in Arena Breakout to get to know which ammo you should use this weapon inside this article.

Arena Breakout M24 Guides: Build & Ammo - zilliongamer

The M24 is a bolt-action rifle that use 7.62x51mm ammo type and it is a great sniper to use for medium to long range gunfight with an effective range of 180 meters.

Budget M24 Build in Arena Breakout

M24 Arena Breakout Budget Build - zilliongamer

If you like using the M24 but don't have a lot of money laying around, this budget M24 build is very budget friendly, so it's good for beginner and or players with little money.

Here is the best attachment for M24 build in Arena Breakout:

  • Magazine: M24 5
  • Stock: M24 M.
  • Stock: M24 F.
  • Pistol Grip: AR Comp.
  • Muzzle: Mk14 Suppressor
  • Rear Sight: M24

For the scope, we highly recommend you to choose any scope that you feels most comfortable with so you can be more accurate with your shot.

For this M24 budget build, we have increase the weapon's vertical and horizontal recoil as well as the weapon ergonomic.

Price wise, in order to build this budget M24 class you will need around 37,000 to 39,000 Koen from scratch.

Best M24 Build in Arena Breakout

M24 Arena Breakout Best Build - zilliongamer

This is the best M24 build that you can try, it's great and it's also cost pretty cheap to build as well. We highly recommend you to try out this build.

Here is the best M24 attachments build in Arena Breakout:

  • Magazine: M24 5
  • Stock: M24 M.
  • Stock: M24 F.
  • Pistol Grip: Lwt. AR
  • Muzzle: Mk14 Suppressor
  • Front Sight: M24

Choose any scope that you feels more comfortable using to hit your shot more.

For this M24 build, we have improve all the Vertical and Horizontal recoil as well, and manage to bump up the ergonomic even higher than the budget build.

In order to assemble this M24 build from scratch, you will need around 41,000 to 43,000 Koen.

Best M24 Ammo in Arena Breakout

Here you can find all the compatible ammo tier base damage, and it's penetration power when using the M24 bolt-action rifle:

7.62x51mmBase DamagePenetration
UN (T1)8816
BPZ (T3)8332
M80 (T4)8142
M62 (T5)7153
M61 (T6)6568

When choosing ammo, you should pick it based on your raid level, if you are going into a high level raid against high level enemy you should choose the M61 ammo.

However, if you know you going into a lower level raid against lower body armor enemies, you should use either the M80 or M62 ammo instead.

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