Arena Breakout Bolt-Action Rifle Ammo Chart & Stats

In this article we show case Arena Breakout Bolt-Action rifle ammo chart, effect range, with additional stats like their ergonomics and accuracy.

Bolt-Action Rifle Ammo & Effect Range

In Arena Breakout there are 5 Bolt-Action rifle also known as Sniper Rifle. In this part you can find their correct ammo chart and how far they can shoot.

WeaponAmmo ChartEffective Rage
Mosin-Nagant | Arena BreakoutMosin7.62x54mm190
AX50 | Arena BreakoutAX5012.7x99mm180
AR30 | Arena BreakoutAR-30.338 Caliber160
SJ16 | Arena BreakoutSJ16.338 Caliber160
M24 | Arena BreakoutM247.62x51mm180

Bolt-Action Rifle Stats: Accuracy & Ergonomics

In this part you can find all Bolt-Action rifle important stats like how accurate they can shoot and how easy it is to handle these sniper.


We didn't equip any attachments on these Sniper rifle so the stats is taken from the based version. 

Bolt Action Rifle Tips & Guides

Bolt-Action Rifle aka Bolty aka Sniper Rifle is a must need weapon if you want to get long range kill.

It's a high risk high reward weapon, because if you missed, the enemy can pinpoint your location easily.

When using Bolt-Acton rifle, we recommend you should pair it with either Assault Rifle or Submachine gun to strengthen your close and mid range gunfight.

The most lethal part of body to hit with Sniper Rifle

These Sniper rifles deal extremely high damage especially with top tier ammo, and you can hit any part of the body to secure your kills.

Although, we highly you trying to hit headshot, face, or at least the upper chest area so you can get that 1 or 2 shots kill.

The Best Map to use Sniper Rifle

Northridge is the best map to pack a sniper rifle, most gunfight in that map happened between mid to long range, having a Sniper rifle can easily helps you take down more enemy.

We recommend you to equip silencer on your sniper rifle to reduces the firing sound, and try to move around quick after firing your shot.

Bolt-Action Rifle Changes History

Second Closed Beta:

  • Nerf Mosin accuracy from 100 to 87, ergonomic from 21 to 17.
  • Buff AX50 ergonomic from 34 to 37.
  • Nerf AR-30 ergonomic from 45 to 29.
  • Buff SJ16 ergonomic from 26 to 30.


Overall, Sniper or Bolt-Action rifle is a long range weapon in Arena Breakout that you should at least have one of them in your inventory. It can be helpful and it's also fun to snipe once in a while.