.338 Caliber Ammo Stats & Compatible Weapons

In Arena Breakout there are 3 types of .338 Caliber ammo that you can use.

Here you can find this ammo base damage, penetration power, and compatible weapons inside this article down below.

.338 Caliber Ammo Chart

Inside this chart, you can find the .338 Caliber ammo that show you their base damage, penetration level, and bullet velocity.

Arena Breakout .338 Caliber ammo chart

The 3 differences types of .338 Caliber ammo in Arena Breakout such as: UPZ, FMJ, and AP.

The .338 Caliber ammo is compatible with AR-30 and SJ16 (Bolt-action rifle).

.338 Caliber Ammo Graph

For this part, we have a full graph of comparison between the 3 ammo type featuring the base damage and the penetration power.

Arena Breakout .338 Caliber ammo graph

.338 Caliber UPZ

The .338 Caliber UPZ is a tier 4 penetration ammo that deal 118 base damage and 42 penetration power and 29.5 armor damage.

This ammo has a bullet velocity of 849m/s, you can use this ammo against enemy with high tier armor. This ammo is great for medium to long range.

Price wise, the .338 Caliber UPZ cost an average price of 504 Koen per unit. (Price can change).

.338 Caliber FMJ

The .338 Caliber FMJ is a tier 5 penetration ammo that can deal 102 base damage with 54 penetration power and 41 armor damage.

The FMJ ammo got 900m/s, it's a pretty fast bullet that you can use against enemy with high tier armor or when enemy is at medium to long range target.

Price wise, the FMJ ammo can cost you an average of 1215 Koen per unit. (Price can change).

.338 Caliber AP

The .338 Caliber AP is a tier 6 penetration ammo that has 94 base damage and 64 penetration power with 55 armor damage. 

This ammo has 849m/s, you can use it against high tier armor enemies or enemies at close to long range. Thanks to it fast bullet speed.

You can buy this ammo with an average unit price of 2310 Koen. (Price can change). Yes this is an expensive ammo but it's the most powerful ammo that you can get.


In conclusion, the .338 Caliber is an extremely powerful ammo to use with your bolt-action rifle and it can be even better if you can afford the tier 6 version.