Best Guns in Arena Breakout Season 4

Choosing the right weapon in Arena Breakout can mean the difference between riches and an early exit from the raid. This guide will dissect the best weapons in Season 4, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses so you can equip yourself for any situation. Let's dive in!

Best Assault Rifle in Season 4

Here are the best Assault Rifle in Arena Breakout:


Arena Breakout H416

A highly customizable weapon that, when properly built, delivers unmatched versatility. It boasts low recoil, a blistering fire rate, and the potential to outclass DMRs at range. The H416 excels in mid-range to long-range skirmishes but shines in nearly any combat scenario. Be prepared for an expensive price tag, both for the initial purchase and any refurbishing costs should you lose it in a raid.


Arena Breakout M4A1

The M4A1 is a beginner-friendly weapon and a reliable workhorse. Balanced and easy to control, its moderate stats offer flexibility across various combat situations. While it won't dominate at extreme ranges or excel in close-quarters fights, the M4A1 can comfortably handle most mid-range encounters.

Best Submachine Gun in Season 4

Here are the best Submachine Gun in Arena Breakout:


Arena Breakout MP5

This well-rounded SMG combines accuracy, a solid fire rate, and manageable recoil making it lethal in close-quarters skirmishes. While the MP5 might struggle against armored opponents at longer ranges, its ease of use makes it an excellent choice for fast-paced, aggressive playstyles.


Arena Breakout MPX

Featuring an incredibly high rate of fire, the MPX shreds enemies who venture too close. Its lightweight build also makes it highly mobile. However, be aware of its recoil, especially when firing at medium to longer ranges.

Best Marksman Rifle in Season 4

Here are the best Marksman Rifle in Arena Breakout:


Arena Breakout MK14

The MK14 is a semi-automatic powerhouse offering the perfect balance of accuracy, power, and manageable fire rate. Its larger magazine allows more shots before reloading, making it forgiving for follow-up shots or engaging multiple targets quickly. If you need precision at medium to long ranges, the MK14 is extremely reliable.


Arena Breakout M110

This semi-auto DMR favors long-range accuracy. While it lacks the MK14's fire rate, the M110 remains surprisingly versatile. It can be spam-fired effectively at closer ranges or serve its intended purpose as a dedicated long-range sniper support weapon.

Best Sniper in Season 4

Here is the best Sniper in Arena Breakout:


Arena Breakout AX50

 The AX50 is a classic one-shot, one-kill powerhouse, rewarding accuracy at very long ranges. Its slow rate of fire is a considerable weakness, as is its heavy weight and reduced effectiveness in close-quarters combat. For the dedicated sniper, the AX50 is a supreme choice.


Arena Breakout M24

Another powerful bolt-action rifle, the M24 offers slightly faster handling and rate of fire compared to the AX50. While it still demands patience and precision, it's a highly reliable choice for long-distance marksmanship.

Best Light Machine Gun in Season 4

Here is the best LMG in Arena Breakout:


Though bulky, the RPK-16 balances a large magazine with manageable recoil. This allows it to lay down sustained and accurate fire at medium to even longer ranges. Be prepared for limited mobility, but if suppressing your opponents and covering long sightlines is your goal, the RPK-16 is a powerful tool.

Best Shotgun in Season 4

Here is the best Shotgun in Arena Breakout:


Arena Breakout M870

The M870 is a classic pump-action shotgun, known for its versatility and punch. While it lacks the rapid-fire capability of the SA85M, it offers better range and reliability, making it dangerous at slightly longer distances. Expect to cycle the action between shots, limiting its fire rate.

Best Carbine in Season 4

Here are the best Carbine in Arena Breakout:


Arena Breakout SKS

This dependable semi-automatic carbine delivers power and accuracy at the cost of recoil and a smaller magazine. The SKS performs well at medium range and can still be effective in close-quarters or even longer-range firefights with skillful handling.


Arena Breakout M14

The M14 boasts similar characteristics to the SKS but trades some accuracy and recoil control for a larger magazine. If your playstyle demands high ammo capacity and you favor medium-range battles, the M14 can be a potent tool.

Best Pistol in Season 4

Here are the best pistol in Arena Breakout:


The iconic Desert Eagle packs a serious punch, with one or two shots capable of downing an enemy. Be prepared to handle its heavy recoil and slow fire rate; precision and shot placement are key. Due to its power, the Deagle can serve as a potent sidearm for finishing weakened opponents or surprising enemies in close quarters.

Glock 18

This fully automatic pistol delivers a surprising hail of bullets for its size. Its high fire rate makes it ideal for close-range panic situations, but low damage per shot means you'll likely need a healthy part of the magazine to down an enemy.


The Arena Breakout armory is ever-expanding. While these are the top contenders in Season 4, changes and additions can shake up the established order at any time. Stay updated, keep experimenting, and be ready to adapt when the next meta shift hits!