Arena Breakout Medkit List & Details

In Arena Breakout, medkit is a essential items that heal your health which improve your survivability after getting shot at.

There are a total of 7 medkit in Arena Breakout, you can find each item heal status, delay time, healing speed, hydration cost, and durability.

Arena Breakout Medkit List - zilliongamer

Simple Aid Box:

Simple Aid Box provide 15 health point per second healing speed with 2s activate time and -8 hydration. Price wise the Simple Aid Box can cost you around 300 Koen per unit with 80 durability.

In-game description "A light and convenient First Aid box, equipped with simple First Aid injection, is essential on the battlefield".

Standard Military First Aid Kit:

The Standard Military First Aid is a kit with 120 durability that heal you up to 20 health point per seconds and it cost -6 hydration with 2.1s activation time.

Price wise, the Standard Military First Aid kit cost around 520 Koen per unit.

In-game description "A convenient First Aid Kit designed to be carried by troops for quick application on the battlefield."

926 Quick First Aid Kit:

The 926 Quick First Aid Kit is a med kit that heal you 15 heath point per second while costing -22 hydration and 3.5s delay time.

Price wise, this medkit item cost around 3000 Koen per unit.

In-game description "This rapid Fire Aid Kit from 926 Equipment is specially designed for rescue team crew. It's useful in disaster rescue missions"

E3 Military Medkit:

The E3 Military Medkit can heal you 20 health point per second and it cost -15 hydration with 4.1s activation time with a durability of 300.

Price wise, the E3 Military Medkit cost an average unit price of 5000 Koen.

In-game description "The combat medkit made by Chapman Equipment has compartments for organization and comes with many emergency-use medications. It's the preferred kit for the front line."

1000 battlefield Medkit:

The 1000 battlefield medkit can heal you 25 health point per second with 3.3s activation time and also 30 wound point heal.

The 1000 battlefield medkit cost you around 7000 Koen per unit.

In-game description "This high-end Medkit, specially designed for rescue personnel, its durable, easy to use, and can quickly treat wounds".

TMK Field Medkit:

The TMK Field Medkit can heal your wound and while also heal you 30 Health point per second and it cost you -48 hydration and requiring 4.1s to activate.

Price wise, the TMK Field Medkit cost you around 12,000 Keon per unit.

In-game description: "The field Medkit made by Chapman Equipment is designed for special operations units, stealthy and practical".

ST0 First Aid set:

The ST0 First aid set heal you up to 35 Health point per second while healing wound status as well.

It take you 3.1 seconds to activate the ST0 First aid set and it has a 1200 durability with an average unit price of 28,000 Koen.

In-game description "The First Aid Kit produced by Vigor Medical is specially designed for medics. The durable fireproof kit is equipped with various First Aid medications and tools."


In conclusion, the Medkit is a must need to bring into your raid when you want to survive longer especially in a high intensity combat.