.44 Caliber Stats & Compatible Weapons

In Arena Breakout there are 2 types of .44 Caliber ammo that you can use.

Find these ammo damage, penetration power, and compatible weapons inside this article here.

.44 Caliber Ammo Chart

Inside this chart you can see a detail of all .44 caliber ammo base damage, penetration level, and their bullet velocity speed.

Arena Breakout .44 Caliber ammo chart

The 2 differences types of .44 Caliber in Arena Breakout are: JHP, LFN.

These ammo is compatible with Desert Eagle and Golden Eagle (Pistol).

.44 Caliber Ammo Graph

For this part, we present you a full ammo graph of the .44 Caliber featuring their base damage and penetration power.

Arena Breakout .44 Caliber ammo graph

.44 JHP

The .44 JHP is a tier 2 penetration ammo that deal 98 base damage with 23 penetration power and 8 armor damage.

This ammo has a fast bullet velocity of 450m/s, it's great for close range gunfight and good to use against enemy with low armor.

Price wise, you can buy this ammo for around 33 Koen per unit. It's a great budget ammo that you can use with your Deagle.

.44 LFN

For the .44 LFN ammo it's a tier 3 penetration bullet that deal 80 base damage with 35 penetration power plus 13 armor damage.

Bullet velocity wise, .44 Caliber LFN has a BV speed of 434m/s. A strong ammo to use against high tier ammo but accurate in close range.

This ammo can cost you around 105Koen per unit. It's a pretty cheap ammo and you should go with this ammo most of the time if you want to use pistol.


In conclusion, The .44 Caliber ammo is great for your deagle and you should try to buy the LFN to output max damage.

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