Arena Breakout Shotgun Ammo Chart, & Stats

In this article we showcase Arena Breakout Shotgun ammo chart, effective range, and important stats like accuracy and bullet per seconds here.

Shotgun Ammo Chart & Effective Range

In Arena Breakout there are a total of 6 shotgun. Here you can find their ammo type and their based effective range.

NameAmmo TypeEffective Range
DP-12 Shotgun | Arena BreakoutDP-1212x70mm30
USAS12 Shotgun | Arena BreakoutUSAS-1212x70mm17
M870 Shotgun | Arena BreakoutM87012x70mm16
MP133 Shotgun | Arena BreakoutMP-13312x70mm14
S12K Shotgun | Arena BreakoutS12K12x70mm20
SPR310 Shotgun | Arena BreakoutSPR31012x70mm17

Shotgun Stats: Accuracy & Bullets Per Second

Here you can find all Shotguns important stats like their accuracy, and how many bullets that these shotgun can shoot.

NameAccuracyBullets Per Second

Take note that these stats are from the based version, we didn't equip any attachments to manipulate the stats.

Shotgun Tips & Guides

When it come to shotgun it's universally known as a point blank weapon that deal huge damage as close as you are to the target. That rules apply to Arena Breakout as well.

Shotgun is great if you want to play as scav, where you go in and try to sabotage other players, you can eliminate enemy very quicks but make sure you as extremely close to them.

Use correct ammo, this is very important do research of what ammo type you should use before going into your match, you don't want to shoot a penetration 1 ammo all the time.

What is the best Maps to use Shotgun?

Farmland and Valley is the best maps to use Shotgun, most of the point of interests are design for close range combat which is where the shotgun shine.

Which body part to hit with Shotgun?

When you use shotgun in Arena Breakout, try to hit the anywhere of the enemy body area to output maximum damage.

Shotgun Changes History

Second Closed Beta:

  • The SPR310 was added to Arena Breakout in second closed beta.
  • Nerf MP-133 accuracy from 7 to 5.


Overall, these Shotguns are a great close quarter weapons in Arena Breakout that is good for you if you don't want to waste a lot of money and return with a ton of profits after extraction.