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Get to know which ammo you should use with the SPR310 shotgun inside this article.

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The SPR310 is a shotgun that use 12x70mm ammo type to generate a good firing power of 300 round per minute with an effective range of 17 meters.

It's a good shotgun to use for close range gunfight which can output enough damage to eliminate an enemy with just 2 shots if you hit your shot accurately.

The SPR310 doesn't have any attachments slots to build, so when using this weapon you only have a choice of choosing ammo.

Best SPR310 Ammo in Arena Breakout

Here you can find all the compatible ammo tier base damage, and it's penetration power when using the SPR310 shotgun:

12x70mmBase DamagePenetration
Type 5 Buckshot (T0)36x81
RIP Slug (T0)2743
Type 8 Buckshot (T0)43x84
Led Slug (T1)17818
Grizzly Slug (T1)18711
Dual Shell (T1)86x219
Type 7 Buckshot (T1)37x812
GT Slug (T2)20127
Armor-Piercing Slug (T3)17235
Flechette Buckshot (T3)27x833

When using the SPR310, you should choose between the Flechette buckshot, Armor Piercing Slug, or GT Slug. These are the most damage dealer ammo that can make the shotgun very lethal.

However, if you can't afford spending too much money on the mentioned ammo above, you should choose the highest T1 ammo possible that you can afford, because this shotgun is heavily relies on damage output.

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