Best DP-12 Build in Arena Breakout: Budget & Decked Out

Find the best DP-12 build in Arena Breakout for both budget build and max koen build here plus which ammo you should use with this weapon down below.

Arena Breakout DP-12 Guides: Build & Ammo - zilliongamer

The DP-12 is a shotgun using 12x70mm ammo type and it can generate damage with fast fire rate of 300 RPM generating 5 bullet per second with good accuracy and it has an effective range of 30 meters.

The DP-12 have moderate recoil and it also has great accuracy when it come to close range. For class wise, we still focus on improving both recoil control.

Down below, you can find the detail of both budget and most expensive DP-12 build in Arena Breakout:

Best Budget DP-12 Build in Arena Breakout

DP-12 Arena Breakout Best Budget Build - zilliongamer

For this build, If you don't want to spent too much Koen, you can try it out. It's affordable for every players.

  • Bolt: DP-12.
  • Barrels: DP-12 Std.
  • Muzzles: DP-12 Choke.
  • Handguards: DP-12 Std.
  • Front Sight: SIG.
  • Rear Sight: SIG.
  • Stocks: DP-12 Buf.
  • Magazines: DP-12 14.

Performance wise, we've improved both Vertical and Horizontal recoil control which make the DP-12 easier to use at close range.

In order to assemble this build from scratch it's going to cost you around 25,000 to 27,000 Koen.

Best Fully Decked Out DP-12 Build in Arena Breakout

Best DP-12 Arena Breakout Build - zilliongamer

This DP-12 class build is still affordable by most players and it has improved the performance by a lot. We're highly recommend using this build most of the time.

  • Bolt: DP-12.
  • Barrels: DP-12 Ext.
  • Muzzle: DP-12 S B.
  • Handguard: DP-12 Std.
  • Front Sight: SIG.
  • Rear Sight: SIG.
  • Stocks: DP-12 Buf.
  • Magazines: DP-12 14.

For this build, we improve the DP-12 effective range, accuracy, ergonomic, and both vertical and horizontal recoil control.

Price wise, In order to assemble this build from scratch, you will need around 41,000 to 43,000 Koen. Even though we listed as expensive, it's still quite affordable.

Best DP-12 Ammo in Arena Breakout

Here you can find all the compatible ammo tier base damage, and it's penetration power when using the DP-12 Shotgun:

12x70mmBase DamagePenetration
Type 5 Buckshot (T0)36x81
RIP Slug (T0)2743
Type 8 Buckshot (T0)43x84
Led Slug (T1)17818
Grizzly Slug (T1)18711
Dual Shell (T1)86x219
Type 7 Buckshot (T1)37x812
GT Slug (T2)20127
Armor-Piercing Slug (T3)17235
Flechette Buckshot (T3)27x833

When it come to choosing the proper ammo for shotgun, you should always aim for the highest damage output possible so the Flechette Buckshot, Armor-Piercing Slug, or GT Slug should be your prioritize.

However, if you can't afford the tier 2 ammo and above, you should at least get the highest tier 1 ammo which is the Type 7 Buckshot so you can output good damage.

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