Arena Breakout Marksman Rifle Ammo Chart & Stats

In this article we showcase Arena Breakout Marksman rifle ammo chart, effective range, with additional stats like their accuracy and bullet per second.

Marksman Rifle Ammo Chart & Effective Range

Currently, there are 4 marksman rifle in Arena Breakout. Here you can find their Ammo chart and effective range.

WeaponAmmo ChartEffective Range
SVDS | Arena BreakoutSVDS7.62x54mm170
VSS | Arena BreakoutVSS9x39mm60
MK14 | Arena BreakoutMK147.62x51mm100
M110 | Arena BreakoutM1107.62x51mm130

Marksman Rifle Stats: Accuracy & Bullet Per Seconds

In this part you can find all Marksman Rifle essential stats like accuracy and how fast these marksman rifle can shoot per second.

NameAccuracyBullet Per Seconds

Please take note that we don't equip any attachments when taking in these stats so that we don't manipulated any weapon stats.

Marksman Rifle Tips & Guides

Marksman Rifle is a semi and fully automatic rifle that you can shoot rapidly which is great for medium to long range gunfight.

These marksman rifle has great accuracy so you can hit your shot much easier than Bolt-Action rifle even if you missed the shots you can just re-adjusted.

However, we still recommend you to pair this gun with other weapons like Assault rifle or Submachine gun to protect yourself from losing a close range gunfight.

What is the best body part to hit with a Marksman Rifle?

These Marksman rifle they pack a punch, you hitting enemy face or headshot can swiftly eliminate your target, however it can be hard against moving target.

So we recommend you trying to hit either headshot or upper chest area to output maximize damage.

What is the best Map to use Marksman Rifle?

You should use any of the Marksman rifle on any outdoors maps likes Northridge, Valley, and Farmland, since they also has some areas for medium range gunfight as well.

Marksman Rifle Changes History

  • Second Closed Beta:
    • Nerf SVDS accuracy from 96 to 91.
    • Nerf VSS accuracy from 45 to 44.
    • Nerf MK14 accuracy from 73 to 69.
    • Nerf M1130 accuracy from 95 to 91.


In Conclusion, For those that looking for a great medium range weapon in Arena Breakout, you can try using the any of the Marksman Rifle and see if it's fit your playstyle.