Arena Breakout Pistol Ammo Chart & Stats

In this article we showcase all Arena Breakout Pistol ammo type, effective range, and important stats like accuracy and bullet per seconds. Let's get into it.

Pistol Ammo Chart & Effective Range

Currently in Arena Breakout, there are 11 pistols that you can use. Here you can see all their ammo type, and how far their prime range is.

NameAmmo TypeEffective Range
G17 Pistol | Arena BreakoutG179x19mm30
M9A3 Pistol | Arena BreakoutM9A39x19mm28
G18C Pistol | Arena BreakoutG18C9x19mm30
MP9 Pistol | Arena BreakoutMP99x19mm25
Desert Eagle Pistol | Arena BreakoutDesert Eagle.44 Caliber60
Golden Deagle Pistol | Arena BreakoutGolden Deagle.44 Caliber60
T54 Pistol | Arena BreakoutT547.62x25mm29
T05 Pistol | Arena BreakoutT059x19mm21
M1911 Pistol | Arena BreakoutM1911.45 Caliber25
M45A1 Pistol | Arena BreakoutM45A1.45 Caliber27
CZ52 Pistol | Arena BreakoutCZ527.62x25mm26

Pistol Stats: Accuracy & Bullets Per Second

In this part of article you can find all Pistol accuracy and how fast these pistol can shoot out per second.

NameAccuracyBullet Per Second
Desert Eagle305
Golden Deagle305

Keep in mind that we didn't add any attachments to these pistol so we don't manipulated the original stats.

Pistol Tips & Guides

In Area Breakout Pistol is an essential weapon that can come in clutch when you run out of ammo on your primary.

Reloading in Arena Breakout can take sometime, so take out pistol and finish the gunfight can be helpful in some crucial gunfight scenario.

Choose a proper ammo for your pistol to take down the enemy quicker than the low penetration ammo.

When using Pistol you should try to hit the enemy upper body or headshot to quickly eliminate your enemy.

You can use Pistol in any map, it's quite versatile in close quarter combat. The only problems is that you might need to add extra cash to setup your pistol.


In Conclusion, Always have a pistol in Arena Breakout is not super necessary, however it can be quite helpful if you can afford it and you'll never know when you run of ammo during gunfight.

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