Reverse: 1999 An-an Lee Guide: Best Psychubes, Skills, & Team Build

Here is a guide on how to use An-an Lee in Reverse 1999 including her best Psychubes, skill breakdown, and building a team that maximizes her potential.

An-an Lee Overview

Reverse: 1999 An-an Lee Character Guide

  • Tag: Control/Support/DPS
  • Rarity: 6-star
  • Afflatus: Plant
  • Damage Type: Reality

An-an Lee is a 6-star character with Plant Afflatus. Since she has a Tag as Control/Support/DPS, she is a supporter who can buff the entire team. Her kit focuses on buff team with DMG and reducing allies taken DMG and also deal with Reality AoE DMG which makes her one of the best buffer in the game.

An-an Lee Skills Breakdown and Tips

Reverse: 1999 An-an Lee Skills Guide

Taoist Rune

Level 1: [ATK] 1-target attack. Deals 200% Reality DMG.

Level 2: [ATK] 1-target attack. Deals 300% Reality DMG.

Level 3: [Debuff] 1-target attack. Deals 350% Reality DMG and inflicts [Daze] status for 1 round.

[Daze]: Cannot act.

  • Skill Breakdown
    • Deal Reality DMG to single-target enemy
    • At level 3, apply an additional [Daze] effect that makes enemies can not act for 1 round.

Lily Nectar

Level 1: [Buff] Mass buff. DMG Dealt +15% and DMG Taken -15% for all allies. Lasts 2 rounds.

Level 2: [Buff] Mass buff. DMG Dealt +20% and DMG Taken -20% for all allies. Lasts 2 rounds.

Level 3: [Buff] Mass buff. DMG Dealt +30% and DMG Taken -30% for all allies. Lasts 2 rounds.

  • Skill Breakdown
    • Buff all allies with increase DMG Dealt and reduce DMG Taken.

Scientific Ghost Buster - Ultimate

Mass attack. Deals 400% Reality DMG to all enemies. The caster enters [Empower Incantation I] status for 2 rounds.

[Empower Incantation I]: When a round begins, a random incantation gains +1 star.

  • Skill Breakdown
    • Deal AoE Reality DMG
    • She enters [Empower Incantation I] which gets a random incantation and gains +1 star.

Skill Combo & Tip

  • Using [Lily Nectar] first will increase DMG Dealt by +20%.

Inheritance - Time to Work

Insight I

When a round starts, switches between [Break Time] and [Exorcism Time] statuses. When the caster enters [Exorcism Time] statuses. When the caster enters [Exorcism TIme] status, the caster's right-most Incantation +1 star.

Insight II

DMG Dealt +8% when the caster enters battle.

Insight III

Enhance [Break Time] effect: DMG Taken Reduction +15%. Enhance [Exorcism Time] effect: DMG Bonus +15%, Penetration Rate +15%.

[Exorcism Time]: DMG Bonus +10%, Penetration Rate +10% (cannot be dispelled).

[Break Time]: DMG Taken Reduction +10% (cannot be dispelled).

  • From Early to late game Insight I, and III will be very beneficial for her from special effects [Exorcism Time] and [Break Time].

An-an Lee Portray

  • Lv. 1: Scientific Ghost Buster's effect changes to: deals 450% Reality DMG.
  • Lv. 2: Taoist Rune's effect changes to: at 1/2/3 stars, additional deals 220/330/400% Reality DMG.
  • Lv. 3: Scientific Ghost Buster's effect changes to: deals 500% Reality DMG.
  • Lv. 4: Taoist Rune's effect changes to: at 1/2/3 stars, deals 240/360/450% Reality DMG.
  • Lv. 5: Scientific Ghost Buster's effect changes to: deals 550% Reality DMG.

An-an Lee Best Psychubes

Reverse: 1999 An-an Lee Best Psychubes

  1. Her Second Life
    • ATK Lv 1: 4%
    • ATK Lv 60: 10%
    • After the carrier casts the mass Ultimate, HP+(the carrier's ATK x32%) for all allies.
  2. Brave New World
    • Ultimate Might Lv 1: 12%
    • Ultimate Might Lv 60: 18%
    • After she casts her Ultimate, her Incantation Might of the next incantation will increase (Lv 1: 20% - Lv 5: 40%) which makes her cast her skill more often.
  3. His Bounden Duty
    • DMG Bonus Lv 1: 6%
    • DMG Bonus Lv 60: 12%
    • For each enemy target defeated by the carrier, HP + (the carrier's ATK x60%(Lv.1)).
  4. The Footloose
    • Ultimate Might Lv 1: 9%
    • Ultimate Might Lv 60: 15%
    • When carrier attacks, if the target's HP is above 40%, DMG Dealt +8%(Lv.1)

An-an Lee Team Build

Coming Soon!!

End of Reverse: 1999 An-an Lee Character Guide

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