Reverse: 1999 Zima Guide: Best Psychubes, Skills, & Team Build

Here is a guide on how to use Zima in Reverse 1999 including his best Psychubes, skill breakdown, and building a team that maximizes his potential.

Zima Overview

Reverse: 1999 Zima Character Guide

  • Tag: Support/Control
  • Rarity: 4-star
  • Afflatus: Plant
  • Damage Type: Mental

Zima is a 4-star character with Plant Afflatus. Based on his tag Support/Control and his kit, he is a Supporting character that can control enemies with Debuff effects like [Seal] and [Silence] which makes them unable to act. Also, he can buff the entire team with DMG Dealt and heal.

Zima Skills Breakdown and Tips

Reverse: 1999 Zima Skills Guide


Level 1: [ATK] 1-target attack. Deals 200% Mental DMG.

Level 2: [Debuff] 1-target attack. Deals 200% Mental DMG and inflicts [Silence] status for 1 round.

Level 3: [Debuff] 1-target attack. Deals 300% Mental DMG and inflicts [Silence] status for 2 rounds.

[Silence]: Cannot use Buff, Debuff, Heal, or Counter Incantations.

  • Skill Breakdown
    • Deal Mental DMG on a single enemy
    • At level 2 or above, inflicts [Silence] up to 2 rounds.


Level 1: [Buff] Mass buff. DMG Dealt +15% and DMG Heal +15% for all allies for 2 rounds.

Level 2: [Buff] Mass buff. DMG Dealt +20% and DMG Heal +20% for all allies for 2 rounds.

Level 3: [Buff] Mass buff. DMG Dealt +25% and DMG Heal +25% for all allies for 3 rounds.

  • Skill Breakdown
    • Apply buff to all allies with DMG Dealt increase and increase healing after taking DMG for 2-3 rounds.

Peom, Island, Breeze - Ultimate

Mass attack. Deals 250% Mental DMG to all enemies and inflicts [Seal] on the main target for 2 rounds.

[Seal]: Cannot use Ultimate.

  • Skill Breakdown
    • Deal AoE Mental DMG and inflict [Seal].

Skill Combo & Tip

  • Using [Sparrow] at least lv 2 or above in order to get debuff effect [Silence].

Inheritance - Island

Insight I

When the caster attacks, if the caster's HP is above 50%, Penetration Rate +10%. When the caster is attacked, if the caster's HP is below 50%, DMG Taken -10%.

Insight II

DMG Dealt +8% when the caster enters battle.

  • Insight Breakdown
    • Her Insight 1 will buff himself with Penetration and DMG taken when his HP changes above or below 50%.

Zima Portray

  • Lv. 1: Poem, Island, Breeze's effect changes to: deals 280% Mental DMG.
  • Lv. 2: Sparrow's effect changes to: at 1/2/3 stars, deals 220/230/350% Mental DMG.
  • Lv. 3: Paper's effect changes to: at 1/2/3 stars, DMG Heal +20/25/30%.
  • Lv. 4: Poem, Island, Breeze's effect changes to: deals 310% Mental DMG.
  • Lv. 5: Poem, Island, Breeze's effect changes to: deals 350% Mental DMG.

Zima Best Psychubes

Reverse: 1999 Zima Best Psychubes

  1. His Bounden Duty
    • DMG Bonus Lv 1: 6%
    • DMG Bonus Lv 60: 12%
    • For each enemy target defeated by the carrier, HP + (the carrier's ATK x60%(Lv.1)).
  2. A Free Heart
    • HP Lv 1: 2%
    • HP Lv 60: 8%
    • When the carrier is attacked and is below 50% HP, DMG Taken -10%.
  3. The Footloose
    • Ultimate Might Lv 1: 9%
    • Ultimate Might Lv 60: 15%
    • When the carrier attacks, if the target's HP is above 50%, DMG Dealt +8%(Lv 1).

Zima Team Build

Currently, there is no team build available yet.

End of Reverse: 1999 Zima Character Guide

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