Reverse: 1999 Centurion Guide: Best Psychubes, Skills, & Team Build

Here is a guide on how to use Centurion in Reverse 1999 including her best Psychubes, skill breakdown, and building a team that maximizes her potential.

Centurion Overview

Reverse: 1999 Centurion Character Guide

  • Tag: Burst DMG/DPS
  • Rarity: 6-star
  • Afflatus: Beast
  • Damage Type: Reality

Centurion is a 6-star character with Mineral Afflatus. Since she has a Tag as Burst DMG/DPS, she is one of the best DPS in the game since all her kit and passive output massive Reality DMG.

Centurion Skills Breakdown and Tips

Reverse: 1999 Centurion Skills Guide

Victorious General

Level 1: [ATK] 1-target attack. Deals 160% Reality DMG plus (the caster's Moxie x8%) Reality DMG.

Level 2: [ATK] 1-target attack. Deals 270% Reality DMG plus (the caster's Moxie x12%) Reality DMG.

Level 3: [ATK] 1-target attack. Deals 450% Reality DMG plus (the caster's Moxie x20%) Reality DMG.

  • Skill Breakdown
    • Deal Reality DMG to single-target enemy + Reality DMG scale on Moxie.

Outdoor Superstar

Level 1: [ATK] Mass attack. Deals 150% Reality DMG to 2 enemies.

Level 2: [ATK] Mass attack. Deals 150% Reality DMG to 2 enemies. Moxie +1 to self.

Level 3: [ATK] Mass attack. Deals 225% Reality DMG to 2 enemies. Moxie +2 to self.

  • Skill Breakdown
    • Deal Realtiy DMG to 2 enemies
    • If it reaches level 2 or above, gain Moxie to self.

Reality Show Premier - Ultimate

Mass attack. Deals 300% Reality DMG and inflicts 1 stack of [Weakness] on all enemies.

[Weakness]: When the caster attacks, DMG Bonus -25% (-1 stack after trigger).

  • Skill Breakdown
    • Deal AoE Reality DMG
    • Apply [Weakness] on all enemies.

Skill Combo & Tip

  • If you deal with multiple enemies, try to use [Outdoor Superstar] to gain more moxie so you can use Ultimate frequently.
  • If you deal with single enemies, try to stack moxie by using [Outdoor Superstar] so you can gain additional Reality DMG.

Inheritance - Bang Bang Balloons

Insight I

For every 1 Moxie owned, DMG Dealt +6%.

Insight II

Critical Rate +10% when the caster enters battle.

Insight III

When the caster loses Moxie, HP +(Max HP x20%).

  • Insight I will be very beneficial when you stack Moxie.

Centurion Portray

  • Lv. 1: Victorious General's effect changes to: additionally deals (the caster's Moxie x14/21/35%) Reality DMG.
  • Lv. 2: Reality Show Premiere's effect changes to: deals 350% Reality DMG.
  • Lv. 3: Outdoor Superstar's effect changes to: at 1/2/3 stars, deals 165/170/250% Reality DMG.
  • Lv. 4: Reality Show Premiere's effect changes to: deals 400% Reality DMG.
  • Lv. 5: Victorious General's effect changes to: additionally deals (the caster's Moxie x18/27/45%) Reality DMG.

Centurion Best Psychubes

Reverse: 1999 Centurion Best Psychubes

  1. Hopscotch
    • Incantation Might Lv 1: 12%
    • Incantation Might Lv 60: 18%
    • For each enemy target defeated by the carrier, Ultimate Might +4%(Lv 1) for the carrier. Stacks up to 4 times.
  2. His Bounden Duty
    • DMG Bonus Lv 1: 6%
    • DMG Bonus Lv 60: 12%
    • For each enemy target defeated by the carrier, HP + (the carrier's ATK x60%(Lv.1)).
  3. Thunderous Applause
    • Critical Rate Lv 1: 12%
    • Critical Rate Lv 60: 18%
    • Amplification: When the carrier's 1-target attack scores a critical hit, Critical DMG +16%(Lv .1).
  4. An Afternoon Nap
    • Critical Rate Lv 1: 7%
    • Critical Rate Lv 60: 13%
    • When the carrier's 1-target attack scores a critical hit, the carrier gains Critical DMG +3%(Lv. 1) (stacks up to 4 times).

Centurion Team Build

Here are all the best support and sustained characters that are great for building a team with Centurion as a DPS.

Reverse 1999 Centurion Best Team

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