V1.3 Reverse 1999 Best Healer Tier List 2024

Reverse 1999 Best Healer is the perfect role that keeps your team alive also builds a perfect challenge and makes your team unstoppable.

Check Our V1.4 Healer Tier List.

9 Healer characters will be analysis their healing potential and choosing the best rank for them down below:

Tier S - Healing Guardian Angel

Tier S | Reverse 1999 Best Healer Tier List - zilliongamer

Medicine Pocket

Medicine Pocket is a Multi-Target Burst healer her ultimate provides a massive burst heal to the entire team, potentially turning around perilous situations.  

Many of her skills offer multi-target healing, allowing her to keep the entire team healthy, especially in wave-based content. Medicine Pocket's unique "Sturdiness" mechanic grants defensive stacks with every heal, boosting survivability for both herself and the team.

Her Passive grants her minor healing or healing over time (HoT) effects for consistent sustain.

Medicine Pocket suits with most teams but she pairs well with low-defense units that benefit most from her burst healing or allies who can inflict damage-boosting debuffs to maximize the effectiveness of her heals.

Tooth Fairy

Tooth Fairy is a Crit Dependency healer her healing potential is primarily tied to her landing critical hits, allowing for potent burst healing if she has a sufficient Critical Hit Rate. Without landing a creating hit her healing becomes unrealiable.

She also has Team-Wide Bursts healing skills and offers a multi-target burst heal, aiding in keeping your entire team healthy.

Some of her skills cleanse debuffs, including specific "Healing Reduction" effects that hinder other healers. Moreover, Tooth Fairy possesses self-healing, reducing her reliance on other healer characters.

Tooth Fairy pairs well with secondary healers and characters that boost critical hit chances for the entire team.

Balloon Party

Balloon Party is a Consistent AoE Healing many of her skills offer multi-target healing, allowing her to keep the entire team healthy.

Her ultimate provides a massive burst of single-target healing, potentially saving a critical ally. Moreover, her ultimate provides a massive burst of single-target healing, potentially saving a critical ally. Some of her healing skills can also damage enemies. 

Besides AoE healing Balloon Party has a unique mechanic that generates stacks of "Party Balloons" that, after reaching Insight thresholds, provide permanent damage reduction for her allies.

Balloon Party pairs well with high-damage, glass cannon DPS characters that need healing to stay alive and Counterattack team with tanks characters that have strong counterattack abilities.

Tier A - Solid Healer

Tier A | Reverse 1999 Best Healer Tier List - zilliongamer


Sotheby is a Poison-Focused healer Sotheby's primary healing comes from applying and exploiting the Poison debuff. This makes her incredibly powerful in teams built around Poison.

Many of her skills restore her own health alongside her allies, offering some independence and reviving Immunity, ensuring she can continue to heal and support the team without being immediately taken down again.

She can be a primary DPS, she also inflicts Poison, applies additional debuffs, and deals significant damage. Sotheby pairs well in a team with other Poison inflictors and units who capitalize on the debuff. 


Dikke is a High-scaling ATK healer, Dikke's heals primarily scale with her Attack stat, making them powerful with the right offensive build.

Dikke's heals become significantly stronger, providing clutch support in dire situations when allies are below 50% HP. So timing her heals carefully to maximize the bonus effect for allies.

Dikke possesses some self-healing, helping keep her alive as she supports the team. And her ultimate removes harmful debuffs from your team while providing a potent multi-target heal.

Dikke pairs well with teams that inflict consistent debuffs on enemies, allowing Dikke to cleanse them while also providing backup heals and teams with strong counterattack mechanics, as her heal can trigger more counterattacks for increased damage.

Tier B - Situational Choice

Tier B | Reverse 1999 Best Healer Tier List - zilliongamer


Yenisei's strong unique heal-over-time to multiple allies based on her HOTs effect, granting sustained healing over several turns. But lacks potent burst healing for emergency situations. 

She has self-healing and also Yenisei has multiple ways to generate AP, increasing her skill usage frequency. Moreover, some of her skills can give Yenisei the ability to dispel harmful debuffs from allies, adding utility.

Yenisei pairs well with teams that focus on disabling enemies with debuffs, as Yenisei provides sustain for longer fights and potentially dispels debuffs and teams with bleed debuffs that increase their damage over time.

La Source

La Source is a Versatile healer that offers both burst single-target heals and multi-target heals, depending on Potion stack consumption.

Same as Yenisei La Source healing abilities become powerful based on her Potion Effect stacks through skills and attacks. 

Some of her skills can grant allies brief ATK or DEF buffs, adding a bit of offensive support. With the right Insights, La Source can gain the ability to cleanse debuffs from allies, offering additional utility.

La Source pairs well with a team that has a single powerful DPS unit that needs dedicated support to stay alive and maximize damage output. And pairs well with Tanks or units that have strong counterattack abilities.

Tier C - Need a Buff Healer

Tier C | Reverse 1999 Best Healer Tier List - zilliongamer


Apple provides a small multi-target healing one of her skills provides a small amount of healing to all allies. She can self-sustain and possess some self-healing to increase her own survivability. Some of her skills can give Apple the ability to increase a single ally's energy, potentially allowing for more frequent skill usage or ultimates from your team.

Bunny Bunny

Bunny Bunny has a few skills offer small heals to allies, providing a bit of team sustain. However, these heals are unreliable in terms of both amount and triggering.

Bunny Bunny's core gameplay involves transforming into her "Bunny Form" to deal damage. Some insights offer healing effects on exiting this form but have significant cooldowns.


The healing meta of Reverse: 1999 is ever-changing. Discover your playstyle and find the one that suits you best and don't be afraid to invest in those lower-tier healers that might just surprise you!

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