V1.4 Reverse 1999 Best Healer Tier List 2024

Discover the most powerful healers in the current meta, from those packing massive heals to unique support specialists.

Tier S

Tier S | Reverse 1999 Healer Tier List - zilliongamer

Balloon Party

  • Healing Powerhouse: Delivers potent single-target and area-of-effect heals, keeping the team alive through the toughest of content.
  • Overhealing Extra: Her special ability to 'overheal' provides temporary health increases above a unit's normal maximum, creating a crucial buffer during intense battles.
  • Status Cleanse: Can remove debuffs from allies, adding another layer of protection to her support kit.

Medicine Pocket

  • Team-Wide Healing: Specializes in powerful bursts of healing across the entire party, perfect for moments when everyone is taking damage.
  • Cure on Demand: Her ability to apply the 'Cure' status provides continuous healing over time, offering valuable sustain for longer engagements.
  • Defensive Perks: Medicine Pocket brings some minor defensive buffs, increasing her team's survivability

Tooth Fairy

  • Mass Healer: Excels in multi-target healing with some potent area-of-effect casts, keeping the party topped up during AoE-heavy fights.
  • Offensive Counter: Her healing can occasionally trigger damage against enemies, providing offensive support on top of her healing focus.
  • Confusion Specialist: Has reliable confusion spells, offering crowd control and debilitating powerful foes.

Tier A

Tier A | Reverse 1999 Healer Tier List - zilliongamer


  • Reliable Healer: Provides strong single-target heals with moderate area-of-effect healing capabilities, giving her a mix of support styles.
  • Damage Mitigation: Her kit includes some moderate defensive buffs, increasing the survivability of her allies.
  • Offensive Potential: Click has some potential for contributing small amounts of damage on top of her healing.

Ms. NewBabel

  • Revive Specialist: Her unique strength is the ability to revive fallen allies, a crucial second chance in extremely difficult content.
  • Decent Healer: In addition to revives, she offers moderate healing to support her team.
  • Situational Strength: Her revive is incredibly impactful in specific challenges but less useful in general combat.


  • Shield Supporter: Sotheby specializes in providing temporary shields, increasing allies' survivability before they take damage.
  • Moderate Healer: Offers decent heals alongside her shielding capabilities.
  • Buff Potential: Sotheby can provide minor attack buffs, further increasing her team's survivability and damage output.


  • HoT Healer: Tennant focuses on HoT (Heal over Time) effects, providing continuous healing instead of massive bursts.
  • Cleanse Ability: She can effectively remove debuffs and negative status effects from allies.
  • Niche Healer: Tennant excels in fights reliant on gradual heals and cleanse, while being less effective against sudden bursts of heavy damage.

Tier B

Tier B | Reverse 1999 Healer Tier List - zilliongamer

While Cristallo, Dikke, and La Source possess some healing abilities, their overall limited healing output, lack of significant secondary support skills, or niche applications that require very specific circumstances hold them back from the higher tiers of the Reverse: 1999 Healer Tier List.

Tier C

Tier C | Reverse 1999 Healer Tier List - zilliongamer

While Apple, Oliver Fog, and The Fool have some healing capabilities, their limited healing power, highly situational utilities, or significant drawbacks in comparison to higher-tier healers often relegate them to Tier C in the Reverse: 1999 Healer Tier List.

Tier D

Tier D | Reverse 1999 Healer Tier List - zilliongamer

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