V1.4 Reverse 1999 Best Support Tier List 2024

Find the best Reverse 1999 supports with our 2024 Tier List! Discover top-tier support character and dominate the battlefield.

Tier S

Tier S | V1.4 Reverse 1999 Support Tier List - zilliongamer


  • Buffing Maestro: 6 delivers the most potent attack and critical chance buffs in the game, significantly amplifying your team's damage output.
  • Unique Rewind: Her special ability to rewind a single character's turn lets you reset critical errors or seize amazing opportunities.
  • Defensive Benefits: On top of boosting damage, she also provides a minor shield for her team.


  • Offensive Amplifier: Pickles offers powerful damage increasing buffs along with increased penetration for her team, further boosting overall damage output.
  • Critical Enabler: She reliably increases critical hit rate for allies, greatly increasing their potential for high-damage bursts.
  • Flexible Healer: While not her primary focus, Pickles brings moderate healing, offering valuable sustain to the team.


  • Debuff Queen: Her primary strength lies in inflicting major defense-reducing debuffs on enemies, greatly increasing your team's damage output.
  • Extra Damage Vulnerability: On top of the defense reduction, Shamane makes enemies take additional damage, further amplifying her team's attacks.
  • Self-Sustain: Shamane has a bit of healing potential to keep herself topped off, improving her survivability.


  • Survival Specialist: Voyager is all about keeping your team in fighting shape through hefty heals and protective barriers.
  • Debuff Cleanser: She can remove negative status effects from allies, countering debilitating enemy tactics.
  • Offensive Assist: Voyager has some buffs, although not as strong as other support specialists, which round out her supportive kit.

Tier A

Tier A | V1.4 Reverse 1999 Support Tier List - zilliongamer

An-an Lee

  • Dedicated Healer & Cleanser: An-an Lee's value comes in her potent single-target healing spells and crucially, her ability to remove harmful debuffs and status effects from allies. This makes her invaluable against enemies who rely on debilitating your key damage dealers or tanks.
  • Defensive Booster: While heals are her specialty, she also brings defensive buffs that significantly improve a single target's survivability. This keeps your priority units alive longer during tough fights.
  • Limitations: Her buffs tend to be less impactful compared to pure buffing supports, and her utility is narrower than those offering a wider range of boons.


  • Well-Rounded Buffer: Bkornblume provides a mix of moderate attack and defense buffs alongside temporary protective shields. This makes her a solid all-rounder for teams needing both offense and added toughness.
  • Consistency is Key: Her skills are reliable and consistent, making her easy to fit into most team compositions without the need for very specific setups or niche scenarios.
  • Lack of Specialization: While being a capable jack-of-all-trades, she lacks the extreme specializations that push some supports into Tier S.


  • Offensive Support: Necrologist offers a unique mix of support and damage-dealing capabilities. Alongside moderate healing and some stat buffs, he can also contribute a decent amount of damage to the overall team output.
  • Best with High DPS Teams: He thrives in teams that already have excellent damage potential, allowing him to amplify their power while contributing his own.
  • Niche Healer: His healing power is less than those of dedicated healers, making him slightly less reliable in the long run.


  • AoE Specialist: Sonetto's strength comes from her focus on area-of-effect heals and buffs, supporting multiple allies simultaneously. This makes her powerful when facing hordes of enemies or in team compositions where allies are clustered together.
  • Strong Self-Sustain: Compared to some frailer supports, she can also heal herself, allowing her to stay in the fight longer without relying solely on dedicated healers.
  • Situational Star: While incredibly useful in specific situations, her AoE style can have less impact if enemies are very spread out or in smaller groups.

Tier B

Tier B | V1.4 Reverse 1999 Support Tier List - zilliongamer

Baby Blue, Diggers, Horropedia, 3nMa (Zima), and X hold potential value as supports, offering some combination of heals, buffs, debuffs, or unique utility mechanics; however, they are often outshined by higher-tier supports due to factors such as:

  • Limited Impact: Their buffs may have smaller magnitudes, or their heals may be less potent, lessening their overall impact compared to the top-tier supports capable of significantly boosting damage or survivability.
  • Situational Strength: Their unique skills might be powerful in very specific scenarios, but lack the broad applicability and consistent value offered by more versatile supports.
  • Reliability Concerns: Their debuffs might be less likely to land, their buffs may have shorter durations, or their defensive skills may be less reliable compared to the top-tier specialists.
  • Niche Mechanics: Their abilities might be highly specialized, offering unique benefits but making their overall contribution less significant than supports with a wider array of impactful tools.

Tier C

Tier C | V1.4 Reverse 1999 Support Tier List - zilliongamer

Bette, Darley Clatter, Erick, and Twins Sleep possess supportive abilities, but their minimal impact on combat, highly niche uses, or severe limitations in their buffs, heals, or utility often make them far less desirable compared to the greater strengths and consistency of higher-tier supports.

Tier D

Tier D | V1.4 Reverse 1999 Support Tier List - zilliongamer

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