V1.4 Reverse 1999 Best DPS Tier List 2024

Here is the breakdown of the Reverse 1999 Best DPS Tier List that will be helpful for you guys to choose the best DPS character that fits well in your team. 

Tier S

Tier S | V1.4 Reverse 1999 DPS Tier List - zilliongamer


  • Burst Damage Queen: Her unique 'Eureka' stack mechanic, if set up correctly, results in her unleashing incredible bursts of damage with her 'Supplementary Formula' ability.
  • Supportive DPS: She boosts the effectiveness of her team's follow-up attacks, enhancing their damage output as she deals her own.
  • Elemental Adaptability: Her attacks are primarily mental damage, which often bypasses enemy defenses or hits elemental weaknesses.


  • Focused Firepower: Jessica possesses an incredibly high base attack stat and focuses on devastating single-target damage. She can tear through bosses and priority targets in no time.
  • Elemental Exploiter: She can hit enemy weaknesses with her skills, causing even more significant bursts of damage.
  • Downtime Strength: Even during cooldown periods of her main skills, her passive can still deliver consistent damage.

Kaalaa Baunaa

  • AoE Annihilator: Kaalaa Baunaa specializes in massive area-of-effect damage output. This makes her incredibly efficient at clearing huge groups of enemies.
  • Crowd Control Queen: Her AoE skills can inflict status effects, slowing down or even stunning enemies, giving your team excellent control over the battlefield.
  • Independent Power: She has abilities that make her less reliant on buffs or support from other characters, letting her dish out impressive damage on her own.


  • Versatile Damage Dealer: Melania has a great mix of single-target and AoE attacks, giving her adaptability against different enemy formations.
  • Team Player: Her skills buff allies, increasing their damage output along with her own, making her a major force multiplier for the whole squad.
  • Survivable: She has some defensive abilities or self-healing options, giving her more longevity in tough battles compared to some pure DPS characters.

Tier A

Tier A | V1.4 Reverse 1999 DPS Tier List - zilliongamer

A Knight

  • Chain Attack Mastery: His skills focus on chaining attacks for escalating damage, making him excellent against single targets with a decent amount of HP.
  • Counterattack King: He has natural counterattack mechanics, letting him deal damage even on the enemy's turn.
  • Team Buffs: Provides the team with useful attack buffs, further enhancing his damage output.


  • Reliable Damage Output: Centurion offers a strong, consistent damage output that makes her a staple for many teams.
  • Flexible and Adaptable: Her kit includes both single-target and AoE options, providing her with versatility in various situations.
  • Beginner Friendly: Her abilities are relatively straightforward, making her easy to pick up for newer players.


  • Combo Specialist: Charlie's abilities reward well-timed combos between his different skills, resulting in significant damage output.
  • DoT Master: He inflicts powerful Damage Over Time effects that continuously whittle down enemies' health.
  • Self-Sufficient: Charlie has built-in sustain to increase his survivability.

Druvis III

  • Powerful Finisher: Druvis III excels at dealing massive damage as the final blow in a chain of attacks, making him perfect for cleaning up weakened enemies.
  • High Crit Damage: Druvis III's passive abilities boost his critical strike damage, leading to big bursts when he scores a crit.
  • Unique Positioning: He can attack from further away than many melee DPS characters, offering potential tactical advantages.


  • Highest Overall Damage: While slightly more fragile than others, Lilya dishes out the highest amount of raw damage in the game.
  • Critical Strike Master: Lilya can quickly boost her crit rate, leading to frequent high damage strikes
  • Downside: Due to her need for support and lack of self-defense, she benefits heavily from team composition and positioning.


  • Mix of Utility and Damage: Regulus has a nice damage output while providing debuffs that weaken enemies or buffs that power up allies.
  • Survivability Perks: He has shields and other defensive skills to increase his longevity and ability to take a few hits.
  • Multi-Target Mayhem: His attacks can hit multiple enemies at once, making him efficient for clearing weaker mobs.

Tier B

Tier B | V1.4 Reverse 1999 DPS Tier List - zilliongamer

Blonney, Eternity, Kanjira, Leilani, Satsuki, and Sweetheart occupy Tier B in the Reverse: 1999 DPS Tier List because they possess solid damage potential but may have situational effectiveness, require niche team compositions to fully excel, or are slightly outperformed by higher-tier DPS characters in terms of versatility or raw damage output.

Tier C

Tier C | V1.4 Reverse 1999 DPS Tier List - zilliongamer

While Eagle, Matilda, Mondlict, and Pavia possess strengths and potential utility, their lower overall damage output, limited niches compared to characters in higher tiers, or awkward mechanics that hinder their damage consistency place them in Tier C of the Reverse: 1999 DPS Tier List.

Tier D

Tier D | Reverse 1999 Best DPS Tier List - zilliongamer

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