Reverse: 1999 Lilya Guide: Best Psychubes, Skills, & Team Build

Here is a guide on how to use Lilya in Reverse 1999 including her best Psychubes, skill breakdown, and building a team that maximizes her potential.

Lilya Overview

Reverse: 1999 Lilya Character Guide

  • Tag: Burst DMG/DPS
  • Rarity: 6-star
  • Afflatus: Star
  • Damage Type: Reality

Lilya is one of the 6-star characters on the beginner banner, you might end up getting her after pulling from the banner which is really great for 6-star characters that need only 30 summons to get. Since she is a Tag as Burst/DPS, she can be used as the Main DPS in the team to carry an entire team. She does output a lot of single enemy target however most of her skills relies a lot on the CRIT Rate so you need some CRIT Rate character or Psychubes to reach her full potential.

Lilya Skills Breakdown and Tips

Reverse: 1999 Lilya Skills Guide

Crosswind Takeoff

Level 1: [ATK] 1- target attack. Deals 160% Reality DMG. When scoring a critical hit, performs 1 extra attack that deals 80% Reality DMG. This extra attack is regarded as 1 extra action.

Level 2: [ATK] 1- target attack. Deals 240% Reality DMG. When scoring a critical hit, performs 1 extra attack that deals 120% Reality DMG. This extra attack is regarded as 1 extra action.

Level 3: [ATK] 1- target attack. Deals 400% Reality DMG. When scoring a critical hit, performs 1 extra attack that deals 200% Reality DMG. This extra attack is regarded as 1 extra action.

[Nasty Wound]: Healing Taken -50%

  • Skill Breakdown
    • Deals Reality DMG on enemies.
    • If CRIT Hit performs 1 extra ATK deal additional DMG.

Aerial Maneuvers

Level 1: [ATK] Mass attack. Deals 150% Reality DMG to 2 enemies.

Level 2: [ATK] Mass attack. Deals 225% Reality DMG to 2 enemies.

Level 3: [ATK] Mass attack. Deals 375% Reality DMG to 2 enemies.

  • Skill Breakdown
    • Deals Reality DMG to 2 enemies.

A Small Trick - Ultimate

Mass attack. Deals 700% Reality DMG to all enemies. This attack enjoys Leech Rate +15%.

  • Skill Breakdown
    • Apply AoE Reality DMG to enemies
    • Increase self-healing with Leech Rate +15%

Skill Combo & Tip

  • Even though [Crosswind Takeoff] relies on CRIT Rate, it will perform extra ATK which deals a better DMG so it is better to use or level up that skill to deal with a single target enemy.

Inheritance - Vehicle Control

Insight I

When the caster casts an Ultimate, Critical Rate +20%.

Insight II

Critical Rate +10% when the caster enters the battle.

Insight III

Psychube's basic Critical Rate Bonus +100%.

  • All of Insight does provide an additional Critical Rate which makes her [Crosswind Takeoff] become more consistent in performing extra ATK in the late game.

Lilya Portray

  • Lv. 1: A Small Trick's effect changes to: deals 775% Reality DMG.
  • Lv. 2: Aerial Maneuvers effect changes to: at 1/2/3 stars, deals 165/245/400% Reality DMG.
  • Lv. 3: Crosswind Takeoff's effect changes to: at 1/2/3 stars, deals 180/270/450% Reality DMG.
  • Lv. 4: A Small Trick's effect changes to: 25% Leech Rate on a critical hit.
  • Lv. 5: A Small Trick's effect changes to: deals 850% Reality DMG.

Lilya Best Psychubes

Reverse: 1999 Lilya Best Psychubes


  1. Thunderous Applause
    • Critical Rate Lv 1: 10%
    • Critical Rate Lv 60: 16%
    • Amplification: When the carrier's 1-target attack scores a critical hit, Critical DMG +16%(Lv 1).
  2. An Afternoon Nap
    • Critical Rate Lv 1: 7%
    • Critical Rate Lv 60: 13%
    • When the carrier's 1-target attack scores a critical hit, the carrier gains Critical DMG +3%(Lv 1)(stacks up to 4 times).
  3. Tomorrow Also
    • Critical DMG Lv 1: 11%
    • Critical DMG Lv 60: 20%
    • When the carrier casts an Ultimate, CRIT Rate +10%(Lv 1).
  4. Brave New World
    • Ultimate Might Lv 1: 12%
    • Ultimate Might Lv 60: 18%
    • After she casts her Ultimate, her Incantation Might of the next incantation will increase (Lv 1: 20% - Lv 5: 40%) which makes her cast her skill more often.
  5. Hopscotch
    • Incantation Might Lv 1: 12%
    • Incantation Might Lv 60: 18%
    • For each enemy target defeated by the carrier, Ultimate Might +4%(Lv 1) for the carrier. Stack up to 4 times.

Lilya Team Build

Here are all the best support and sustained characters that are great for building a team with Lilya as a DPS.

Reverse 1999 Lilya Best Team

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