V1.3 Reverse 1999 Best Support Tier List 2024

Discover the Reverse 1999 Best Support Tier List! Not all heroes do the damage – find out which support characters will make your DPS stars truly shine!

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23 Support Characters choosing the best tier for them based on the clutch or game-changing to backbone any successful team. 

Tier S - Big Potential Support

Tier S | Reverse 1999 Best Support Tier List - zilliongamer


6 is Outstanding support several of her skills offer multi-target healing, allowing her to keep the team healthy at once. 

6's ultimate possesses a full team revive. While situational, this can be a clutch ability in specific encounters where allies fall in battle. She also can generate her own AP and has built-in healing, making her more independent and less reliant on other supports.

6 works best with units that lack strong healing or revive. She's less impactful in teams already stacked with healers.

An-an Lee

An-an Lee is a Universal Buffer support she fits into almost any team composition. She boosts powerful Attack and Defense buffs, significantly boosting your entire team's damage output and overall survivability.

She can provide some healing alongside the ability to dispel harmful debuffs from your team, offering utility beyond her buffs.

Moreover,  she has ways to generate her own resources and some self-healing, requiring less dedicated support from other characters.


Diggers is a Universal Debuffer support, Diggers applies multiple debuffs, including Nightmare and Weakness, hindering enemies and increasing damage they take from your entire team.

Diggers can heal himself and boost his own attack power. This means he needs less help from other characters to stay healthy and powerful.

Moreover, he can learn ways to give minor team-wide AP generation, so they can use their powers more often.


X is a Premier Dispeller support X excels at removing dangerous buffs from enemies. X is great at removing dangerous buffs from enemies. This is super helpful against bosses or teams that get stronger by using special abilities.

X can cleanse harmful debuffs from your team, providing vital utility and keeping your allies fighting effectively. And also has some minor healing.to her support kit. 

Besides that, she can learn skills to steal energy from enemies. This slows down how often enemies can use their powerful special attacks. Some of X's attacks make enemies weaker against physical attacks, so your whole team hits them harder.


Sonetto is a Clutch Single-Target support She is great at keeping a single ally alive with reliable heals and powerful shields. This makes her great for protecting your main DPS or a fragile unit.

Her ultimate offers a full-health revive to a single ally, providing a potential game-changer in difficult battles.

Sonetto grants ATK buffs, and certain Insights allow her to boost allies' AP, increasing team skill usage. She pairs with most damage dealers or units that need extra sustain to stay in the fight.


Matilda is a Strong Team support She can provide powerful Attack and Defense buffs, improving your team's damage output and survivability. 

Matilda has lots of ways to heal the whole team, making her a good choice to keep everyone healthy. And also she has some self-healing to keep her healthy while supporting the team.

Some of Matilda's skills help generate AP for your team, allowing for more frequent skill usage and potential ultimate spam.

Lastly, she works really well in teams with strong critical-hit-focused DPS characters due to her crit-based mechanics.

Tier A - Team Cheerleaders

Tier A | Reverse 1999 Best Support Tier List - zilliongamer


Voyager is a Targeted Shielding support she is great at providing powerful single-target shields, which can significantly boost the survivability of your key DPS units or fragile allies.

Her cleanse ability removes harmful debuffs from your entire team, providing vital protection against enemy-inflicted status effects. Voyager's kit offers a unique revive mechanic. While situational, this can be a clutch tool in certain encounters.

She has minor self-healing, and while her support aspects are strong, Voyager still deals decent damage, making her a versatile asset.


Pickles possesses self-healing abilities, making her slightly less reliant on dedicated healers. Some of her skills offer small amounts of healing to allies, providing a bit of sustain over a fight.

The best things that makes Pickles a good support is some of her attacks can poison enemies. If the enemy is weak to poison, this will make your team's attacks hurt it even more. 

Moreover, you can teach Pickles to use fire attacks with the right skills. This can be helpful for fighting certain enemies that are weak to fire.

Baby Blue

Baby Blue is a Mental Damage Booster support she is great at boosting the damage of allies who deal Mental damage. Her skills offer Mental attack buffs and ways to increase the Mental damage enemies take.

She can steal energy from enemies and redistribute it to her allies. This disrupts enemy skill usage while boosting her team's resources. Baby Blue possesses self-healing and buffing capabilities, making her less reliant on dedicated healers and buffers.

Moreover, some skills and Insights allow her to inflict debuffs like Defense Break, further increasing team damage.


Shamane Reality and Mental DEF Shred Shamane's skills and passives allow him to significantly reduce both Reality and Mental defense on enemies. This makes your whole team hit harder, especially those that match the debuff element.

 While other debuffs exist, Shamane is one of the most consistent at hitting both defense stats, making him strategically valuable.

His ultimate isn't core to his support role, but the AP it gives provides some flexibility for your teammates.

When allies deal damage, a portion is inflicted back on Reality-debuffed enemies, essentially adding a little extra DPS on top of his other effects.

Tier B - Optional Support

Tier B | Reverse 1999 Best Support Tier List - zilliongamer


Bkornblume possesses some self-healing and defensive capabilities, lessening her reliance on dedicated healers. Also one of her skills provides a small AOE heal to allies, offering some very limited sustain.

Bkornblume hurts enemies with Bleed, and some teammates do more damage to enemies with Bleed. So, she helps them do more damage! This also includes a support kit for your team.

Desert Flannel

Desert Flannel is not a traditional support, but she also has some minor support potential. Her ultimate can dispel buffs from all enemies. This is situationally useful against enemies who heavily boost their stats.

A few of her skills offer small amounts of healing to allies, providing minimal sustain. You can teach Desert Flannel special skills that makes enemies weaker, so your whole team hits them harder


Necrologist is a good optional support is applying debuffs like Mayhem and reducing enemy attack speed, hindering their abilities and slightly improving your team's survivability.

Some of her skills have a chance to inflict the Poison debuff, indirectly contributing to team damage output if enemies are susceptible to Poison.

While unreliable, her ultimate has a small chance of reviving fallen allies in a weakened state. This is very situational.


Getain's thing is stealing enemy power-ups and using them for herself or her allies. This can be disruptive against buff-reliant opponents. 

Some skills possess dispelling effects, allowing Getain to remove harmful debuffs from your team. Getain has self-healing and the potential to grant herself various random buffs, increasing her independence from dedicated healers.


Horropedia is a Defensive Buffer support she provides strong protective buffs to the team, increasing survivability in tough battles. Some of her buffs offer unique effects like AP reduction resist, providing niche support options.

Her ability to inflict Silence disrupts enemy skill usage, especially those relying on powerful ultimate abilities. And she also possesses self-healing, making her less reliant on dedicated healers for survival.


TTT has some support mechanic some of TTT's skills offer self-healing, slightly increasing their survivability.

TTT can reduce enemy attack speed. While situationally useful, this can indirectly protect your team by slowing down enemy attacks.

Certain Insights allow TTT to drain energy from enemies, potentially disrupting their flow of skills and ultimates


Sweetheart can be your support due to her Charm mechanic on enemies making them attack each other instead and offer some damage. 

She possesses various ways to heal herself, increasing her ability to stay in the fight and continue offering support.

Some skills and Insights grant her access to minor buffs for allies (like ATK increase) or debuffs for enemies (like Defense Break).


Blonney can give minor team healing with some of her skills offering some sustain during the fight. 

She can offer buffs to critical hit rate and critical hit damage. While niche, this is powerful in teams focused on critical hits. With the right Insights, certain skills can dispel buffs from enemies, offering some situational utility.

Tier C - Niches

Tier C | Reverse 1999 Best Support Tier List - zilliongamer

These 3 characters end up in the Tier C support tier based on some reason:

Very Limited Support Focus: Their primary roles aren't support-oriented. They may have a few minor buffs, heals, or debuffs but that's not their main strength.

Niche or Unreliable: Any supportive effects they offer are often situational (requiring specific conditions) or have very low chances to succeed.

Outclassed by Alternatives: There are typically many other characters who provide stronger heals, more reliable debuffs, or better overall utility across various team compositions.

Tier D - The Meme Tier 

Tier D | Reverse 1999 Best Support Tier List - zilliongamer


Remember, tier lists are not a rulebook. Understand your playstyle, and discover the hidden potential of even the most underestimated support units!

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