Reverse: 1999 Dikke Guide: Best Psychubes, Skills, & Team Build

Here is a guide on how to use Dikke in Reverse 1999 including her best Psychubes, skill breakdown, and building a team that maximizes her potential.

Dikke Overview

Reverse: 1999 Dikke Character Guide

  • Tag: DPS/Heal
  • Rarity: 5-star
  • Afflatus: Beast
  • Damage Type: Mental

Dikke is a 5-star F2P character that can be obtainable on the 8th day of login. Since she has a Tag as DPS/Heal,  Most of her kits provide healing as well as dealing Mental DMG and she also can purify status on herself and gain immunity to immune statuses for herself.

Dikke Skills Breakdown and Tips

Reverse: 1999 Dikke Skills Guide


Level 1: [ATK] 1-target attack. Deals 200% Mental DMG.

Level 2: [ATK] 1-target attack. Deals 200% Mental DMG plus (the caster's ATK x50%) Genesis DMG.

Level 3: [ATK] 1-target attack. Deals 300% Mental DMG plus (the caster's ATK x100%) Genesis DMG.

  • Skill Breakdown
    • Deals Mental DMG to single enemies and if it reaches Lv 2 or above, deal additional Mental DMG.


Level 1: [Health] Mass healing. HP+(the caster's ATK x60%) for all allies, if a target's HP is below 50%, additionally HP +(the caster's ATK x30%) for the target.

Level 2: [Health] Mass healing. HP+(the caster's ATK x90%) for all allies, if a target's HP is below 50%, additionally HP +(the caster's ATK x45%) for the target.

Level 3: [Health] Mass healing. HP+(the caster's ATK x150%) for all allies, if a target's HP is below 50%, additionally HP +(the caster's ATK x75%) for the target.

  • Skill Breakdown
    • Provide healing for all allies and if target's HP is below 50% additionally HP.

Maverick Judge - Ultimate

1-target attack. Purifies all [Stats Down][Neg Status], and [Control] statuses from the caster and enters [Immunity] for 1 round to the caster. Deals 400% Mental DMG plus (the caster's ATK x 100%) Genesis DMG.

[Immunity]: Immune to [Stats Down][Neg Status], and [Control] statuses.

  • Skill Breakdown
    • Deals a Mental DMG to a single target plus additional Genesis DMG.
    • Purify and gain immunity from all [Stats Down][Neg Status], and [Control] statuses.

Skill Combo & Tip

  • Using [Power] at level 2 to get additional Genesis DMG.

Inheritance - Reverse Flow

Insight I

When the caster attacks, if the caster's HP percentage is higher than the target's, ATK +15%.

Insight II

ATK +5% when the caster enters battle.

Insight III

When the caster is attacked, if the caster's HP percentage is lower than the target, Leech Rate +15%.

  • His Insight I and III enhance her DMG when her HP is lower than the target, Leech Rate will increase.

Dikke Portray

  • Lv. 1: Maverick Judge's effect changes to: deals (the caster's ATK x130%) Genesis DMG.
  • Lv. 2: Power's effect changes to: at 1/2/3 stars, deals 220/230/350% Mental DMG.
  • Lv. 3: Maverick Judge's effect changes to: deals (the caster's ATK x170%) Genesis DMG.
  • Lv. 4: Justice's effect changes to: at 1/2/3 stars, HP +(the caster's ATK x70/105/175%).
  • Lv. 5: Maverick Judge's effect changes to: deals (the caster's ATK x210%) Genesis DMG.

Dikke Best Psychubes

Reverse: 1999 Dikke Best Psychubes

  1. Brave New World
    • Ultimate Might Lv 1: 12%
    • Ultimate Might Lv 60: 18%
    • After she casts her Ultimate, her Incantation Might of the next incantation will increase (Lv 1: 20% - Lv 5: 40%) which makes her cast her skill more often.
  2. His Bounden Duty
    • DMG Bonus Lv 1: 6%
    • DMG Bonus Lv 60: 12%
    • For each enemy target defeated by the carrier, HP + (the carrier's ATK x60%(Lv.1)).
  3. Laughter and Laughter
    • DMG Taken Reduction Lv 1: 4%
    • DMG Taken Reduction Lv 60: 10%
    • When a round begins, Healing Done +3% for the carrier. Stack up to 4(Lv .1) times.
  4. The Footloose
    • Ultimate Might Lv 1: 9%
    • Ultimate Might Lv 60: 15%
    • When carrier attacks, if the target's HP is above 40%, DMG Dealt +8%(Lv.1)

Dikke Team Build

Coming Soon!!

End of Reverse: 1999 Dikke Character Guide

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