V1.3 Reverse 1999 Best DPS Tier List 2024

Here is the breakdown of the Reverse 1999 Best DPS Tier List that will be helpful for you guys to choose the best DPS character that fits well in your team. 

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19 DPS Characters will be choosing the best tier for them depending on their strength potential in the fight.

Tier S - Must-Haves 

Tier S | Reverse 1999 Best DPS Tier List - zilliongamer

Jiu Niangzi

Jiu Niangzi is a High Burst Damage DPS that focuses on dealing significant bursts of Reality damage. Her skills become increasingly powerful based on the number of "Liquor" stacks she accumulates.

When in Liquor status several of her skills trigger follow-up attacks, further increasing her damage output. Some of her attacks can deal AoE damage to multiple enemies, which is useful for clearing waves of weaker enemies.

Jiu Niangzi can also Buff herself from her Collection of Buffs enhancing her damage potential throughout the battle. Moreover, she has the ability to Debuff enemies like Mayhem making them more vulnerable to attacks from your entire team.

To make Jiu Niangzi increase high DPS potential, focus on abilities that allow Jiu Niangzi to stack up her Liquor status. Team up with a support that can reduce enemy defense or stun that will make her even stronger.

A Knight

A Knight is a Tank Damage DPS her skills provide her with Attack buffs, damage reduction, and self-healing abilities making her a durable frontline unit that can withstand punishment. This can allow her to stay in the fight and keep dealing with damage.

Some of her abilities deal with AOE potential to strike multiple enemies, offering some utility in wave-clearing scenarios.

A Knight can weaken enemies with a Defense Break attack. This makes the enemy take more damage from everyone on your team.

To make A Knight increase high DPS potential, you can pair her with units that can inflict strong debuffs and increase her overall damage potential (like a buffer with attack buffs).


Centurion has a high priority that focuses on dealing massive damage to a single enemy. While Centurion shines in single-target DPS, she also possesses some AOE capabilities, giving her flexibility in various combat scenarios.

Centurion has a special energy called "Moxie" that powers her strong attacks. She gets Moxie by attacking and defeating enemies. This means she can keep attacking without needing help from other characters.

Centurion Passive grants her substantial healing every time she defeats an enemy, keeping her healthy in extended battles.

To make Centurion increase high DPS potential, you need to understand how to quickly build up & stack up Moxie and efficiently use it with her expensive skills is key to mastering Centurion. And also 


Jessica is a Poison Queen DPS she can apply the "Poison" debuff and exploit that status effect for enormous damage. Her entire kit is tailored around poison.

She can deal massive damage scaling with her skills based on the number of Poison stacks on an enemy. This allows her to ramp up her damage output significantly.

Some of Jessica's skills can deal AoE damage to the enemy, making her useful in fights with waves of foes.

To make Jessica increase high DPS potential, Ensure her allies can reliably apply and maintain the Poison status on enemies. Teammates like Sotheby are ideal.

Kaalaa Baunaa

Kaalaa Baunaa is a Massive Single-Target Burst DPS. Kaalaa Baunaa is stronger with her DPS mechanic by stacking up Planets giving her bonuses like hitting through enemy defenses and making her attacks more likely to be extra powerful.

Her skills hit hard, and when she has sufficient Planet stacks, her damage becomes truly terrifying, especially against bosses with high defenses.

Moreover, she can generate her own AP and boost her stats, making her less reliant on specific support units.

To make Kaalaa Baunaa increase high DPS potential, understand her playstyle by managing her Planet stacks by choosing the right skills at the right time. Or pair with a team that can boost her AP generation.  


Melania is a Moxie Thief Master DPS Her ability to steal Moxie from enemies disrupts their strategies while empowering her own attacks.

She can deal massive burst damage to a single enemy. This makes her ideal for taking down bosses or priority targets.

Melania's damage continuously ramps up the more ultimates she uses due to her unique stacking buff. Pair Melania with units that help her generate AP faster so she can spam her ultimate for the buff stacks. 

To make Melania increase high DPS potential, focus on stealing Moxie from enemies as much as possible and then using skills right after her ultimate, leading to significant damage increases. 

Tier A - Pretty Darn Good

Tier A | Reverse 1999 Best DPS Tier List - zilliongamer


Charlie is a Low HP Damage Scaling DPS her core mechanic grants her increased damage when her health gets lower, with powerful boosts below 50%. This encourages riskier play but rewards it with enormous damage potential.

Charlie's attacks do good damage even if they don't get a critical hit. This makes her attacks more reliable than characters who need lucky crits to do their best damage.

Charlie Ultimate dispels enemy buffs, a valuable tool against bosses or teams that rely on boosting their defenses, and some of her skills offer minor self-healing, helping her stay in the fight and keep dealing damage.

To make Charlie increase high DPS potential, her full damage potential when HP is below 50% so pairing her with a dedicated healer can offset the risky aspects of her kit.

Druvis III

Druvis III is an AOE Master DPS she possesses multiple skills that damage all enemies, making her great for clearing out groups of weaker enemies or damaging the boss and their helpers at the same time.

Her Ultimate deals massive AOE damage, It can wipe out groups of weaker enemies or hurt a boss very badly. Her Demonic Sould Contract stack grants permanent attack buffs every time she uses her ultimate, leading to steadily increasing damage potential over a prolonged fight.

Moreover, she recovers HP based on damage dealt and can generate her own AP, requiring less team support than some DPS characters.

To make Druvis III increase high DPS potential, focusing on using Ultimate to build her Demonic Soul Contract stacks, steadily increasing her damage, and teaming up with a support that generates AP even faster so she can spam her ultimate.


Eternity is a Massive Late-Game Potential DPS his powerful damage based on his Charge stacks. Successfully using skills and dodging attacks build up this resource.

With enough stacks, Eternity can decimate enemies with high burst damage AoE & Single target. This makes him a potential monster in prolonged fights.

Eternity can also heal a bit, which helps him stay in the fight and keep dealing damage.

To make Eternity increase high DPS potential is building Charge stacks until late game to unleash his beast form and also pairing with team support through healing or shielding can help him stay in the fight longer to unlock his full damage potential.


Lilya is a Critical Massive Single-Target Burst DPS she can deal critical hits with most of her attacks and do a lot of damage to single target very quickly. This can take down strong bosses fast.

To make Lilya increase high DPS potential, once her critical hits are reliable, focus on increasing her Critical Hit Damage like gears an artifacts and also pair Lilya with a Poison-inflicting team like Jessica or Sotheby to guarantee critical hits and maximize her damage.


Regulus is a Stack-Based Damage Scaling DPS he thrives on building up his unique Lunar Eclipse'stacks which significantly enhances his both physical and star damage output.

His ultimate deals immense single-target damage, and with the right setup, it can hit even harder. This makes him a potential boss-killer.

His skills that grant lifesteal and shields offer Regulus some resilience and help him stay in the fight longer.

The key to make Regulus unleash full DPS potential is learning how to get his Lunar Eclipse power-ups quickly and use them at the right time by using the Full Moon Slash skill. And also commit to either Physical or Star damage builds through gear, artifacts


Spathodea is an AoE Burning Stacks DPS her Burning stacks enhance her abilities, scaling up her damage output over time as she applies this debuff. 

Her Burning debuff not only amplifies her own damage, but it also increases the damage other allies deal to those affected enemies.

Spathodea can regain AP by attacking Burned enemies, giving her more freedom to use her skills frequently.

To make Spathodea increase high DPS potential, you should focus on applying the Burning debuff to as many enemies as possible and keep it active on them. And pair Spathodea with units that can also inflict the Burning debuff to maximize her damage and debuff spread.

Tier B - Not Bad 

Tier B | Reverse 1999 Best DPS Tier List - zilliongamer

These 3 characters down below are Optional DPS characters that sometimes involved in your team as Sub-DPS. 


Kanjira is a Flexible DPS she offers a balance of single-target damage, AOE potential, and valuable debuffs, giving her adaptability in different situations.

The more attack damage output over a fight depending on her Dance stacks. Kanjira passive has a chance to restore AP, allowing her to chain attacks more frequently.

She also applying a lot debuff to enemies like Bleed debuff, with several skills focused on triggering and increasing Bleed damage. Defense & Attack break which amplify damage for the entire team.

Timing your attacks to build up Dance stacks Kanjira gets stronger the more she attacks. Use skills that hit the enemy multiple times to power her up faster.


Eagle is a DPS that mostly relies on building up his Fury stacks. When Fury stacks up he permanently increases his attack power. This leads to steadily increasing damage potential over time.

Several of Eagle's abilities deal AoE potential, offering some utility in wave-based content or fights with adds and also allowing him to build Fury stacks quickly.

Some of Eagle's skills make him move faster and harder to hit. This helps him stay alive and keep attacking for longer.

His ultimate deals significant damage, particularly against enemies with multiple buffs, making him a threat to teams that rely on boosting their defenses.


Satsuki is a 4-star DPS that can be built for incredibly high critical hit damage, dealing devastating blows when stars align.

To increase her Crit Hit damage potential in prolonged battles, you need to stack up her Sakura Pact which grants more damage for each stack.

Satsuki can heal herself a little bit, which helps her stay in the fight and keep attacking. Some skills make enemies weaker so your entire team can deal more damage to the target. 

Tier C - Need a Hug

Tier C | Reverse 1999 Best DPS Tier List - zilliongamer

Both Leilani and Mondlicht have their strengths, but they generally suffer from:

Outclassed: Other DPS characters offer higher damage potential, more reliable damage, or more overall utility.

Limited growth: Their damage scaling doesn't keep up as well in late-game content compared to higher-tier characters.

Situational or Niche: Their optimal performance relies on conditions that aren't always met (stacks, specific team compositions, etc.)

Tier D - The Meme Tier

Tier D | Reverse 1999 Best DPS Tier List - zilliongamer

Both characters have mechanics that limit how much their damage can increase. Rabies's "Infection" stacks offer relatively small boosts, and Bunny Bunny's reliance on critical hits makes her vulnerable to enemies with anti-crit abilities. This caps their damage potential compared to top-tier DPS with stronger scaling.


Tier lists can help you pick strong characters, It's important to learn what each character does well, and what they struggle with. That way, you can build the best team for you!

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