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Official Warzone Mobile Release Date: March 21st, 2024. Source: X Official Page.

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Tier List and Loadouts By Class

Assault Rifle Loadouts Tier ListAssault Rifle Loadouts Tier ListBattle Rifle Loadouts Tier ListBattle Rifle Loadouts Tier list
SMG Loadouts Tier ListSMG Loadouts Tier ListLMG Loadouts Tier ListLMG Loadouts Tier List
Sniper Rifle Loadouts Tier ListSniper Rifle Loadouts Tier ListMarksman Rifle Loadouts Tier ListMarksman Rifle Loadouts Tier List
Shotgun Loadouts Tier ListShotgun Loadouts Tier ListHandguns Loadouts Tier ListHandguns Loadouts Tier List

Warzone Mobile Weapon Classes

A quick overview of primary and secondary weapons.

Weapon ClassDescription
Warzone Mobile Assault Rifle weapon listAssault RiflesVersatile and powerful primary weapons.
Warzone Mobile Battle Rifles weapon listBattle RiflesHard-hitting options for mid-range combat.
Warzone Mobile SMG weapon listSMGsAgile choices for close-quarters dominance.
Warzone Mobile LMG weapon listLMGsSuppressive fire with large magazines.
Warzone Mobile Marksman Rifle weapon listMarksman RiflesPrecision tools for long-range engagement.
Warzone Mobile Sniper Rifle weapon listSniper RiflesOne-shot potential at extreme distance.
Warzone Mobile Shotgun weapon listShotgunsDevastating close-range powerhouses.
Warzone Mobile Handgun weapon listHandgunsReliable sidearms for backup firepower.

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