Warzone Mobile Shotguns Loadout List (2024)

Get ready to dominate the close-quarters chaos of Warzone Mobile with the ultimate shotgun supremacy! Unleash the devastating power of these short-range beasts, mastering their explosive damage and hip-fire accuracy.

From the agile and adaptable to the sheer stopping powerhouses, we'll break down the best Warzone Mobile shotgun loadouts to help you shred opponents and conquer the battlefield.

All Shotguns Loadout in Warzone Mobile

There are 9 weapons in Shotgun class of Warzone Mobile. Tap on any Shotgun to know their best loadout.

ShotgunKey Strengths
Lockwood 680Fast firing, good mobility.
HaymakerHigh damage, tight spread.
RiveterFull-auto, good at close range.
Expedite 12Expedite 12Pump-action, good balance.
Lockwood 300Lockwood 300Lever-action, good damage.
Bryson 800Bryson 800Double-barreled, high burst damage.
Bryson 890Bryson 890Double-barreled, faster fire rate.
KV BroadsideKV BroadsideSemi-auto, good range for a shotgun.
MX GuardianMX GuardianPump-action, high damage and fire rate.

Shotguns Loadout Build Guide

When it comes to Warzone Mobile's chaotic battlefields, shotguns are your key to close-quarters dominance. To truly master these powerhouses, you'll need the perfect loadout.

Prioritize attachments that boost damage, range, and hip-fire accuracy – crucial for maximizing their one-shot kill potential.

Mobility is also vital, allowing you to close the gap and react quickly in those adrenaline-fueled moments.

Remember, the right shotgun and loadout can make you an unstoppable force in Warzone Mobile!

Shotguns Strengths and Guide

To unleash the full potential of shotguns in Warzone Mobile, embrace their aggressive nature. Close the distance quickly and capitalize on their surprise factor.

Master hip-fire accuracy to stay mobile and land those devastating shots. Learn to peek corners effectively, blasting enemies before they can react.

Don't hesitate – a single well-placed shot can turn the tide of any Warzone Mobile firefight.

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