Warzone Mobile Battle Rifles Loadout List (2024)

Unleash the power of precision and firepower with Battle Rifles in Warzone Mobile. These semi-automatic weapons deliver devastating damage, making them a force to be reckoned with at medium to long-range.

Our comprehensive Battle Rifle loadout list will guide you towards builds that maximize their potential, giving you the tools to secure those hard-fought Warzone Mobile victories.

All Battle Rifle Loadout in WZ Mobile

There are 8 weapons in Battle rifle class of Warzone Mobile. Tap on any Battle Rifle to know their best loadout.

Battle RifleKey Strengths
BAS-B Battle rifle in Warzone MobileBAS-BHigh fire rate, great for close-to-mid range aggression.
Cronen Squall Battle rifle in Warzone MobileCronen SquallExcellent accuracy, well-suited for mid-to-long range precision.
FTAC Recon Battle rifle in Warzone MobileFTAC ReconGood mix of damage and control, versatile option.
Lachmann-762 Battle rifle in Warzone MobileLachmann-762High damage per shot, strong at long-range engagements.
MTZ-762 Battle rifle in Warzone MobileMTZ-762Hard-hitting, excels in mid-range combat.
Sidewinder Battle rifle in Warzone MobileSidewinderHigh ammo capacity, ideal for sustained gunfight.
SO-14 Battle rifle in Warzone MobileSO-14Powerful and accurate, reliable for long-range dominance.
TAQ-V Battle rifle in Warzone MobileTAQ-VFully-automatic capability, good for close-quarters and sustained fire.

Battle Rifles Loadout Build Guide

When crafting your Warzone Mobile battle rifle loadout, focus on maximizing their accuracy, range, and recoil control.

Prioritize barrels and muzzles that significantly extend your effective range and improve bullet stability.

Choose optics that suit your preferred engagement distances, higher magnification for precision at range, or red dots for faster target acquisition in close-to-mid combat.

Underbarrel attachments and stocks that reduce recoil are key to maintaining accuracy during those crucial follow-up shots.

Battle Rifles Key Strengths and Guide

Battle rifles in Warzone Mobile demand a more calculated approach compared to the spray-and-pray tactics of assault rifles or SMGs.

Prioritize positioning and cover, setting up in areas with good sightlines for mid-to-long range engagements.

Focus on landing precise shots, taking advantage of their high damage and accuracy. Use controlled bursts rather than full-auto fire to maximize accuracy and stay on target.

Remember, battle rifles shine in situations where you can pick off opponents from a safe distance or engage in duels where their superior stopping power gives you the upper hand.

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