Warzone Mobile SMGs Loadout List (2024)

Dominate close-quarters combat in Warzone Mobile with our ultimate SMG loadout list! These compact weapons excel in speed and firepower, letting you shred enemies up close.

Discover the perfect builds to unleash your aggressive playstyle and conquer those chaotic firefights.

All SMG Loadout in WZ Mobile

There are 20 weapons in SMG class of Warzone Mobile. Tap on any SMG to know their best loadout.

SMGKey Strengths
RAM-9RAM-9High ammo capacity, good for multiple engagements.
StrikerStrikerHard-hitting, excels in close-quarters.
HRM-9HRM-9Fast fire rate, melts enemies up close.
WSP SwarmWSP SwarmUnique venom rounds, disrupts enemy healing.
AMR9AMR9Good mix of damage and control, versatile.
WSP-9WSP-9High damage per shot, strong at short-to-mid range.
Rival-9Rival-9Balanced stats, reliable all-rounder.
Striker 9Striker 9Fast TTK, shreds in close-quarters.
Vel 46VEL 46High mobility, great for flanking and aggressive plays.
Lachmann SUBLachmann SUBLaser-like accuracy, ideal for mid-range SMG combat.
MX9MX9Well-rounded, easy to use.
Vaznev-9KVaznev-9KHigh damage, excellent close-quarters dominance.
FSS HurricaneFSS HurricaneLarge magazine, ideal for sustained fire.
MinibakMinibakExtremely fast fire rate, unmatched close-quarters aggression.
BAS-PBAS-PHigh fire rate, aggressive SMG playstyle.
PDSW 528PDSW 528Balanced stats, solid all-round choice.
Fennec 45Fennec 45Insanely fast fire rate, melts at point-blank range.
ISO 45ISO 45Extremely high ammo capacity, great for sustained fights.
Lachmann ShroudLachmann ShroudStealth-focused, excels in suppression opponents.
ISO 9MMISO 9MMVersatile SMG, adaptable to different playstyles.

SMGs Loadout Build Guide

When building your Warzone Mobile SMG loadout, prioritize attachments that enhance their strengths in close-quarters combat.

Focus on barrels that improve hip-fire accuracy and muzzle attachments that boost range and control.

Choose laser sights for faster ADS speed and improved accuracy when firing from the hip. For even greater mobility, consider stocks that increase sprint-to-fire speed, letting you aggressively close the distance and overwhelm your opponents.

SMGs Key Strengths and Guide

SMGs thrive in Warzone Mobile's chaotic close-quarters environments. Embrace aggression and utilize their superior mobility to flank and outmaneuver your opponents.

Always be pushing, closing the distance, and forcing those frenetic close-range battles. Prioritize hip-fire accuracy over aiming down sights (ADS) for lightning-fast reactions in those sudden encounters.

Take advantage of cover, weaving in and out of buildings or obstacles to throw off enemy aim while maintaining your offensive pressure.

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