Warzone Mobile Handguns Loadout List (2024)

Handguns are your last line of defense in Warzone Mobile, crucial for those chaotic close-quarters encounters. Unlock their true potential with the perfect loadout!

Our comprehensive handgun guide will transform you into a close-range force, maximizing your firepower and accuracy when it matters most.

All Handguns Loadout in Warzone Mobile

There are 12 weapons in Handgun class of Warzone Mobile. Tap on any Handgun to know their best loadout.

HandgunKey Strengths
COR-45COR-45Good balance of damage and control.
RenettiRenettiBurst fire option, fast TTK.
TYRTYRLarge magazine, good for sustained fire.
WSP StingerWSP StingerHigh fire rate and good recoil control.
P890P890High damage per shot, strong at close range.
.50 GS.50 GSHighest damage handgun, excels in close quarters.
X12X12Fast fire rate, good for aggressive plays.
BasiliskBasiliskHard-hitting revolver, great stopping power.
X13 AutoX13 AutoFully automatic, shreds in close-quarters.
GS MagnaGS MagnaHigh damage and accuracy, versatile.
FTAC SiegeFTAC SiegeFast TTK, ideal for aggressive pushes.
9MM Daemon9MM DaemonWell-rounded handgun, reliable choice.

Handguns Loadout Build Guide

When crafting your Warzone Mobile handgun loadout, prioritize maximizing range, accuracy, and control.

Choose barrels and muzzles that extend effective range and improve bullet stability.

Consider lasers that enhance your hip-fire accuracy for those close-quarters surprises. Finally, prioritize magazines that give you extra rounds for extended engagements.

Handguns Strengths and Guide

Handguns in Warzone Mobile are your lifeline in close-quarters chaos. Prioritize movement and aggression to close the distance with your foes.

Focus on upper body shots for increased damage. Use hip-fire in those frantic moments, but aim-down-sights (ADS) whenever possible for improved accuracy. Master the handgun, and you'll gain a critical edge in those sudden, close-range firefights.

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