Warzone Mobile LMGs Loadout List (2024)

Unleash a storm of bullets with Warzone Mobile's best LMGs! These heavy-hitters boast massive magazines, high damage, and the firepower to suppress entire squads. If you crave sustained dominance and want to lock down key areas of the map, look no further.

Our comprehensive LMG loadout list will transform you into an unstoppable force, mowing down enemies with ease.

All LMG Loadout in Warzone Mobile

There are 12 weapons in LMG class of Warzone Mobile. Tap on any LMG to know their best loadout.

LMGKey Strengths
TAQ EvolvereTAQ EvolvereHigh mobility, versatile for an LMG.
Pulemyot 762Pulemyot 762Excellent mix of damage, range, and accuracy.
DG-58 LSWDG-58 LSWExtremely high ammo capacity, ideal for suppression.
TAQ EradicatorTAQ EradicatorHard-hitting, excels in long-range engagements.
Bruen MK9Bruen MK9High damage per shot, strong at mid-range.
Holger 26Holger 26Can be configured for mobility or long-range.
Sakin MG38Sakin MG38High fire rate and high magazine, aggressive playstyle.
HCR 56HCR 56Well-rounded LMG with great handling.
RAAL MGRAAL MGDevastating damage, breaks enemy defense.
556 Icarus556 IcarusFast fire rate and good mobility.
RPKRPKHigh accuracy and control, reliable for sustained fire.
RAPP HRAPP HIncredible damage output, shreds enemies quickly.

LMGs Loadout Build Guide

When crafting your Warzone Mobile LMG loadout, prioritize stability, range, and magazine size.

Choose barrels and optics that significantly extend your effective range and improve accuracy at a distance.

To compensate for LMGs' slower handling, opt for stocks and underbarrels that boost your aim-down-sights (ADS) speed and reduce recoil.

Finally, extended magazines are crucial to maximize your suppressive fire capabilities and ability to take on multiple targets.

LMGs Key Strengths and Guide

LMGs in Warzone Mobile excel at controlling key areas and providing overwhelming suppressive fire. Position yourself strategically, pre-aiming chokepoints or high-traffic zones to unleash devastating ambushes.

Utilize cover and mounted positions to improve your stability and accuracy. Target groups of enemies, forcing them to seek cover or retreat.

The sustained firepower of LMGs can buy your squad precious time to reposition or push aggressively. Remember, LMGs are less effective in fast-paced close-quarters engagements, so be aware of your positioning.

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