Warzone Mobile Assault Rifles Loadout List (2024)

A well-crafted AR loadout is the key to unlocking your full potential in Warzone Mobile. Whether you favor close-quarters aggression, calculated mid-range dominance, or precision long-shots, the perfect AR loadout awaits.

Dive into our comprehensive list to discover the loadouts that will help you win more gunfights.

All Assault Rifle Loadout in WZ Mobile

There are 23 weapons in Assault rifle class of Warzone Mobile. Tap on any Assault Rifle to know their best loadout.

Assault RifleKey Strengths
BP50 assault rifle in Warzone MobileBP50High-damage, excellent for aggressive close-mid range.
SVA 545 assault rifle in Warzone MobileSVA 545Reliable and versatile, solid damage and control.
RAM-7 assault rifle in Warzone MobileRAM-7High fire rate melts in close quarters, needs precision.
MTZ-556 assault rifle in Warzone MobileMTZ-556Decent all-rounder, lacks a truly unique edge.
Holger 556 assault rifle in Warzone MobileHolger 556Versatile LMG conversion, can be configured for various roles.
MCW assault rifle in Warzone MobileMCWFast handling and mobility, great for close-in combat.
DG-56 assault rifle in Warzone MobileDG-56High burst damage potential, demands accuracy.
M4 assault rifle in Warzone MobileM4Well-balanced classic, good for learning fundamentals.
TAQ-56 assault rifle in Warzone MobileTAQ-56Hard-hitting, favors single shots for precision.
Kasotv 762 assault rifle in Warzone MobileKastov 762Devastating damage, requires strong recoil control.
Lachmann-556 assault rifle in Warzone MobileLachmann-556Accurate and stable, less distinctive overall.
STB 556 assault rifle in Warzone MobileSTB 556Excels at long-range, less effective up close.
M16 assault rifle in Warzone MobileM16Burst fire for precision, less flexible in full-auto.
Kastov-74U assault rifle in Warzone MobileKastov-74USMG-like for close-quarters, lacks long-range impact.
Kastov 545 assault rifle in Warzone MobileKastov 545Less powerful Kastov 762, slightly easier to control.
Chimera assault rifle in Warzone MobileChimeraShines in close-quarters stealth.
M13B assault rifle in Warzone MobileM13BLaser-like precision and fast TTK, smaller magazine.
ISO Hemlock assault rifle in Warzone MobileISO HemlockVersatile, need attachments to maximize its potential.
Tempus Razorback assault rifle in Warzone MobileTempus RazorbackExtreme mobility focus, less reliable than other ARs.
M13C assault rifle in Warzone MobileM13CSMG-like with AR range, requires pinpoints accuracy.
FR Advancer assault rifle in Warzone MobileFR AdvancerPotent 3-round burst, unforgiving for missed shots.
TR-76 Geist assault rifle in Warzone MobileTR-76 GeistLong-range focused, niche ammo, less forgiving.
FR 5.56 Geist assault rifle in Warzone MobileFR 5.56Single-shot, hard to master.

Assault Rifles Loadout Build Guide

When building your Warzone Mobile assault rifle loadout, prioritize attachments that enhance their key strengths: accuracy, range, and recoil control.

Focus on barrels and muzzle attachments that extend effective range and improve bullet velocity.

Choose optics that suit your playstyle, whether a classic red dot sight for close-quarters or a higher magnification scope for longer distances.

Underbarrel attachments and grips that minimize recoil will help you stay on target, especially during sustained fire.

Finally, perks and equipment tailored to your chosen assault rifle can further augment your combat performance.

Assault Rifles Key Strengths

Assault rifles dominate in Warzone Mobile thanks to their exceptional balance across crucial areas: high damage, range flexibility great accuracy, and manageable recoil.

This combination allows them to excel in close-quarters brawls, mid-range firefights, and even long-distance engagements, making them the ultimate adaptable weapon.

High Damage:

Assault rifles bring the pain in Warzone Mobile. Their high-damage bullets tear through opponents, rapidly depleting health and shattering armor. In close-quarters combat, their rapid-fire potential can down enemies in the blink of an eye.

Even in mid-range battles, their sustained damage output gives you a distinct edge, allowing you to quickly secure eliminations before your opponents can react. This raw power makes assault rifles a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Range Flexibility:

The key strength of assault rifles in Warzone Mobile is their adaptability. Whether you need to clear a building, hold down a chokepoint, or engage a target across the map, a reliable AR can handle the task.

This unmatched range flexibility solidifies the assault rifle's position as a cornerstone of any successful Warzone Mobile loadout.

Accuracy & Recoil:

Another things Assault rifles excel in Warzone Mobile are exceptional accuracy and manageable recoil. They allow you to land precise shots at a distance, ensuring your bullets find their mark.

Even in hectic close-quarters fights, their controlled recoil allows you to maintain control and stay on target. This combination of accuracy and stability gives you a significant advantage in firefights, letting you reliably eliminate opponents across a wide range of combat scenarios.

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