Best Close Range Loadouts for Warzone Mobile Season 3

Close-quarters combat is the beating heart of Warzone Mobile. From tight building interiors to unexpected street corner encounters, the ability to win close-range gunfights often determines your survival.

A specialized close-range loadout is the key to unlocking your close-quarters potential. These loadouts are designed to maximize your firepower, mobility, and accuracy within those crucial few meters, giving you the split-second advantage that can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Top 10 Close-Range Loadouts for Warzone Mobile

  • HRM-9 (SMG)
  • RAM-9 (SMG)
  • AMR9 (SMG)
  • COR-45 (Pistol)
  • WSP-9 (SMG)
  • Striker 9 (SMG)
  • Vel 46 (SMG)
  • ISO 45 (SMG)
  • ISO 49 (SMG)
  • WSP Swarm (SMG)

Choose your favorite and start racking up those close-quarters eliminations!

Best HRM-9 Close Range Loadout


  • Muzzle: L4R Flash Hider.
  • Barrel: Thorn-90.
  • Stock: Folding Stock.
  • Underbarrel: DR-6 Handstop.
  • Magazine: 50 Round Drum.

This HRM-9 build is designed for aggressive, close-quarters domination. Modifications significantly boost your weapon's recoil control and stability, making it laser-accurate in short-range firefights.

The expanded magazine ensures you have ample ammo for multiple engagements without reloading. This setup excels in fast-paced, run-and-gun playstyles, allowing you to confidently push into buildings or tight spaces and clear out enemies with rapid, precise fire.

Best RAM-9 Close Range Loadout

  • Muzzle: ZEHMN35 Compensated Flash Hider.
  • Barrel: Armistice Light.
  • Stock: Hunker-5 Stock Pad.
  • Underbarrel: DR-6 Handstop.
  • Magazine: 50 Round Mag.

This RAM-9 loadout prioritizes accuracy and control above all else, turning it into a close-range powerhouse.

These attachments substantially minimize recoil and maximize stability, allowing you to stay on target even during extended bursts.

Combined with the large magazine, this loadout is perfect for holding down objectives or clearing rooms with sustained, disciplined fire. While slightly less focused on pure mobility, it still maintains enough agility for close-quarters engagements.

Best AMR9 Close Range Loadout

  • Barrel: Tectonic Micro integral Suppressor.
  • Optic: JAK Glassless Optic.
  • Stock: DEMO D50 Buff Tube.
  • Magazine: 50 Round Mag.
  • Rear Grip: Sakin ZX Grip.

This AMR9 build emphasizes stealth and accuracy for close-range takedowns. These attachments focus on recoil suppression and stability for maximum control.

The integrated suppressor keeps you off the radar, allowing for surprise attacks. Combined with the enhanced ammo capacity, this setup is ideal for flanking maneuvers, patiently engaging from cover, and swiftly eliminating multiple targets in tight spaces.

Best COR-45 Close Range Loadout


  • Muzzle: Bruen Tri-port.
  • Stock: XRK Dynamic Precision.
  • Magazine: 40 Round Drum.
  • Rear Grip: Granular Grip.
  • Conversion Kit: XRK IP-V2 Conversion Kit.

This COR-45 build transforms the weapon into an absolute close-quarters beast. These attachments heavily boost accuracy and stability, while significantly increasing ammo capacity and rate of fire.

This setup is perfect for fearlessly charging into chaotic zones, spraying down targets with a high volume of accurate fire. It encourages a high-intensity, aggressive playstyle where you can relentlessly push enemies.

Best WSP-9 Close Range Loadout

  • Muzzle: Bruen Tri-port.
  • Stock: XRK Dynamic Precision.
  • Magazine: 40 Round Drum.
  • Rear Grip: Granular Grip.
  • Conversion Kit: XRK IP-V2 Conversion Kit.

This WSP-9 loadout maximizes the weapon's close-quarters potential through a combination of accuracy, control, and firepower.

These attachments significantly improve recoil control and steadiness, making it deadly in tight firefights. The magazine upgrade ensures you can down multiple targets without needing to reload.

The custom conversion fundamentally changes the weapon's behavior, offering high damage and a rapid fire rate perfect for an aggressive, close-quarters playstyle.

Best Striker 9 Close Range Loadout

  • Muzzle: ZEHMN35 Compensated Flash Hider.
  • Barrel: Striker Elite Long.
  • Stock: Lachmann MK2 Light.
  • Underbarrel: DR-6 Handstop.
  • Magazine: 50 Round Drum.

This Striker 9 loadout emphasizes range extension and recoil control, making it a potent force in close to mid-range combat.

These attachments provide a significant boost to accuracy and stability, allowing you to land more shots with precision, even at slightly longer distances. The large magazine gives you the firepower to handle multiple opponents confidently.

This setup rewards a balanced playstyle – be aggressive but take advantage of the improved range to engage with slightly more tactical awareness than a pure run-and-gun build.

Best Vel 46 Close Range Loadout

  • Muzzle: Spiral V3.5 Flash Hider.
  • Laser: VLK LZR 7MW.
  • Stock: Assault-60 Stock.
  • Magazine: 50 Round Mag.
  • Rear Grip: Schlager Soldier Grip.

This VEL 46 build is all about speed and precision in close-quarters combat. These attachments focus heavily on improving hip fire accuracy, stability, and overall handling speed.

The result is a weapon that allows you to snap onto targets with lightning speed and laser-like accuracy. The expanded magazine ensures you have enough ammo for several encounters without pausing to reload.

This setup encourages a highly mobile, run-and-gun playstyle, allowing you to infiltrate tight spaces and eliminate enemies with rapid, relentless fire.

Best ISO 45 Close Range Loadout

ISO 45

  • Muzzle: Spiral V3.5 Flash Hider.
  • Barrel: 7" EX Raptor-V2.
  • Stock: Demo Fade TAC.
  • Magazine: 45 Round Drum.
  • Rear Grip: A30 Stout.

This ISO 45 loadout prioritizes accuracy, control, and sustained fire for dominating close-quarters engagements.

These attachments significantly reduce recoil and boost stability, allowing you to stay on target even when firing in fully automatic. The expanded magazine ensures you can confidently handle multiple enemies without the need to reload frequently.

This build is ideal for aggressive players who enjoy pushing into buildings and enclosed areas, clearing them out with precise and unrelenting firepower.

Best ISO 9MM Close Range Loadout

  • Muzzle: L4R Flash Hider.
  • Optic: JAK Glassless Optic.
  • Stock: Demo Fade Tac.
  • Magazine: 50 Round Drum.
  • Ammunition: 9MM High Grain Rounds.

This ISO 9MM build is designed for lightning-fast aggression in close-quarters combat. These attachments focus on maximizing mobility, minimizing recoil, and improving your target acquisition speed. The large magazine guarantees ample ammo for taking down multiple enemies before a reload.

This setup thrives with a highly mobile, flanking playstyle. Dart into buildings, navigate cramped areas, and unleash rapid, controlled fire to overwhelm your opponents.

Best WSP Swam Close Range Loadout

  • Muzzle: ZEHMN35 Compensated Flash Hider.
  • Barrel: WSP Reckless-90 Long.
  • Optic: JAK Glassless Optic.
  • Stock: FSS Fortress Heavy.
  • Magazine: 100 Round Drum.

This WSP Swarm loadout is all about overwhelming firepower and sustained close-range aggression.

These attachments boost accuracy and range, giving it surprising effectiveness for its weapon class. The massive magazine grants you an incredible amount of ammo before needing a reload.

This setup encourages a dominant playstyle: holding down chokepoints, suppressing enemies with a hail of bullets, and confidently pushing into contested areas with relentless fire.


Overall, these Warzone Mobile close-range loadouts offer incredible versatility for aggressive players. Whether you prefer the run-and-gun intensity of the VEL 46, the controlled aggression of the RAM-9, or the stealthy takedowns offered by the AMR9, there's a build here to suit your style. Experiment, find your favorites, and remember: in the close confines of Warzone Mobile, the right loadout can be the difference between winning and losing those crucial close-quarters battles.

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