Warzone Mobile Sniper Rifles Loadout List (2024)

Embrace the art of long-range dominance with Warzone Mobile's best sniper rifles! These precision weapons demand patience and skill, rewarding calculated marksmanship with unmatched lethality.

Our comprehensive sniper rifle loadout list unlocks their full potential, transforming you into a silent but deadly force on the battlefield.

All Sniper Rifle Loadout in Warzone Mobile

There are 11 weapons in Sniper class of Warzone Mobile. Tap on any Sniper to know their best loadout.

SniperKey Strengths
XRK StalkerXRK StalkerBest one-shot kill potential, excels at extreme ranges.
KATT-AMRKATT-AMRSecond highest damage, devastating if accurate.
LongbowLongbowExcellent mobility for a sniper rifle, aggressive play.
KV InhibitorKV InhibitorVery high fire rate, good for follow-up shots.
MCPR-300MCPR-300Well-balanced, consistent performance.
Victus XMRVictus XMRHigh accuracy and bullet velocity, reliable.
Signal 50Signal 50Semi-automatic, strong follow-up shot potential.
LA-B 330LA-B 330High bullet velocity, good for moving targets.
Carrack .300Carrack .300Balance stats, easy to use.
SP-X 80SP-X 80Extremely lightweight, prioritizes mobility.
FJX ImperiumFJX ImperiumHighest damage, breaks armor easily.

Sniper Rifles Loadout Build Guide

When crafting your Warzone Mobile sniper rifle loadout, prioritize maximizing Range, Accuracy, and Stability.

Choose Barrels and Muzzles that dramatically extend your effective range and improve bullet stability. Opt for the highest magnification Optics possible, giving you unmatched visibility across long distances.

Finally, consider Stocks that enhance your aim stability and reduce flinch.

Sniper Rifles Key Strengths and Guide

Sniper rifles thrive in Warzone Mobile when you prioritize positioning and patience. Secure elevated locations or long sightlines for maximum visibility.

Focus on landing precise headshots for devastating one-shot eliminations. Use cover extensively, minimizing your exposure between shots.

If enemies close the distance, be prepared to switch to a secondary weapon with greater mobility. Master the sniper, and you'll become a force of long-range lethality.

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