Guide to Choosing Perk in Warzone Mobile

Choosing Perk in Warzone Mobile is heavily relies on how you play. You should always choose the proper perk that is going to match best with your playstyle.

Note: Perk is activate when you obtained your custom loadout. So make sure you build a perk package inside your custom loadout first.

Let's get into each perk package details and find out which perk will match your playstyle.

Deadeye Perk Package

Deadeye Perk is the best perk for aggressive players that want to rack up as many elimination as they want per match.

The Deadeye package is consist of Overkill, Strong Arm, Fast hands, and High Alert.

Warzone Mobile Deadeye Perk - zilliongamer

With overkill perk in Warzone Mobile, you are allows you build 2 primary inside a custom loadout this is great for building meta loadout like:

  • Sniper + SMG (Sniper Support)
  • Assault Rifle + Sniper
  • Assault Rifle + SMG

The sky is the limit when you have overkill perk equipped.

While Strong Arm allows you to throw throwables farther and Fast hands let you reload faster, High Alert is the most important perk in this package.

High Alert essentially hinting you the direction of enemy when they aim at you, giving you head up before the enemy even shot at you.

This perk package allows you to gain more confident in your weaponry, combat practicality, and surrounding environment.

Scout Perk Package

The Scout perk package is also great for Solo aggressive / passive playstyle.

This package consists of perk like Scavenger, Strong Arm, Focus, and Ghost.

Warzone Mobile Scout Perk - zilliongamer

The Scavenger perk favor those who hunt for kills, after combat if you run out of ammo or armor plate this perk will resupply you from dead players.

You can throw any equipment farther with Strong arm perk. Great for rushing enemies with lethal or tactical grenades.

While the Focus perk basically reduces aim punch to improve your shooting accuracy while you get hit from an enemy. In the heat moment, this perk can be really helpful.

Ghost is really the most important perk inside this package, consider how easy it is to get UAV, Ghost can really keep you off radar allows you to roam and hunt freely without worrying about enemies UAV.

Support Perk Package

The Support perk package is consist of Bomb Squad, Battle Hardened, Resupply, and Survivor perk.

This perk is best for DUO or Squad players base on how useful the Survivor perk is.

Warzone Mobile Support Perk - zilliongamer

The combine of Bomb Squad and Battle Hardened is enough to tank almost any non-killstreak explosives, lethal or tactical throwable.

While resupply allows you to get more lethal after usage every 30 seconds, this is very useful for those that love to play around Smoke, Flash, or Stun grenade.

And the last perk is the survivor, this is a critical perk when playing with teammate, doesn't matter if it's DUO or Squad, reviving faster is very worth it.

Sentinel Perk Package

Sentinel perk is pretty similar to Support perk, however this fit for more of a Solo / passive playstyle.

This perk package consist of Battle Hardened, Bomb Squad, Cold-Blooded, and Quick Fix.

Warzone Mobile Sentinel Perk - zilliongamer

Battle Hardened and Bomb Squad is for tanking any throwables, we already know that.

Cold-Blooded on the other hand basically make you invincible and it's the only perk that can counter enemy with high alert, it's really great for stealth playstyle.

And Quick Fix quickly regenerate your health back when winning gunfight, great when fighting against multiple enemies.

The best Perk in Warzone Mobile

Deadeye or Scout is the best perk in Warzone Mobile for Solo players with aggressive playstyle. It's rewarding and very well fit.

However, If you a Squad or Duo players you should use Sentinel or Support perk package, doesn't mean that you can use the other 2, they just fit better.

Now what do you think? What type of playstyle do you usually play?

Are you the type who enjoy Solo fragging around the map in Warzone Mobile?  Or you are more of a team players?

Pick the perk according to that playstyle and watch your win rate % increase.

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