How to get Custom loadout in Warzone Mobile

Having your own loadout during match is a huge advantage over the enemies. Find out how to get custom loadout in Warzone Mobile here.

There are 2 ways that you can get your custom loadout inside Warzone Mobile. But before we getting into that, let's build our first custom loadout.

How to build Custom loadout in Warzone Mobile

CUSTOM LOADOUT allows you to build your selected weapon with variety of attachments that you like, beside that you'll also get a perk package.

In the main menu, go to weapons, Warzone loadouts, then you will get to build your custom loadout.

Customize your loadout in Warzone Mobile - zilliongamer

Here I've build a fully custom Vaznev-9K and X12 loadout combine with flash grenade tactical, and throwing knife with support perk package.

Tip: Remember which custom loadout you've build, so you can get it quick in your match.

Now that you know how to build your custom loadout, let's dive into the 2 ways to get custom loadout during your match.

1. Public Loadout Drop

The first way to get your custom loadout is to look for a Public loadout drop during the ongoing match.

There will be an announcement and a plane will fly by dropping public loadout drop on a random place of the map at a certain time.

You can mark those drop on your map and proceed to reach that drop destination if they drop further away from you.

Mark public loadout drop in Warzone Mobile - zilliongamer

When you come close to the loadout drop, you will see a blue crate hovering on your screen with 3 crates on the ground, go close to that to pick up your custom loadout.

How to pickup loadout drop in Warzone Mobile - zilliongamer

Simply, hold pick up button to open up the loadout and tap on your created custom loadout to select it and you are good to go.

2. Buy Station Loadout Marker

The second way to get your custom loadout involves in getting cash in Warzone Mobile and buy the loadout marker at any buy station.

You can find buy station at anywhere around the map, and they're all going to have a loadout drop marker for you.

Get custom loadout in Buy Station of Warzone Mobile - zilliongamer

The loadout drop marker cost $10,000, you will get a field upgrade grenade, throw it on the ground which will mark a place for your loadout to drop.

Just like that you are now able to get your custom loadout in every match of Warzone Mobile.

However, which of the 2 ways do you think easier? Let's take a look.

Public Loadout Drop vs Buy Station Loadout Marker

For Public loadout drop, it's a high risk high reward situation, you can get it for free but it's also risky, you will be contested by another players and 1 second of picking up drop can cost your life.

The public loadout drop is always random, sometime it drop next to you, where other time it drop far away from you. 

Where as the Buy Station Loadout marker can cost you a lot of money, but it's convenience, you can get them anytime and anywhere with little to zero risk.

So what do you think? Are you the type of players that like risk it all? or you like to play it safe to get your custom loadout? This is the beauty of Warzone Mobile.