Warzone Mobile is Releasing This Fall | WZM News

The long awaited Warzone Mobile finally gave us a release hint during the Summer Game Fest 2023 that Warzone Mobile is coming this fall. It's short and it's sweet, If you haven't watch the announcement yet you can watch it here.

Now what's the takeaway from this announcement?

Well, what we clearly know is that we will all get our hand on Warzone Mobile before 2024. Unless there is a pushback or delay announcement in the future which we hope not.

Fall or Autumn usually start from late September to the end of December, so the only thing we can do right now is to patiently wait for the announcement of either the next Warzone Mobile limited release or the exact release date.

Right now, it's all a speculation, some say Warzone Mobile will come out on November 11th based on what they see on APP STORE, whereas some are optimistic that the game will release earlier than that.

The only thing to do here is to wait to hear from the horse's mouth, speculation is speculation, we can't confirm any of those release dates until Activision themselves announce it.

The Current State of Warzone Mobile

As of right now, the limited release 2.0 of Warzone Mobile is playable in Australia, Chile, Norway, and Sweden available in the APP STORE and GOOGLE PLAY STORE.

Warzone Mobile Limited Release 2.0 | zilliongamer

We have tested the game using VPN in Australia and we can confidently say that the game is great, granted it's still in a limited testing phase but it's smooth and it contains every aspect that Warzone holds like Gulag, Buy Station, Loadout, Gunsmith...etc

Is Warzone Mobile smooth like Call of Duty Mobile?

Well, not yet. There are still performance limited based on devices, bugs, and optimized parts but like we said, the current Warzone Mobile is still a testing phase so it's not perfect as COD Mobile yet.

Let's Wrap Up

So what can you get out of this article? Well, one thing we absolutely sure is that you will be able to play the Warzone Mobile before 2024 but don't believe all the rumors about this or that release date.

If you are living Australia, Chile, Norway, or Sweden, try the game out. See if you like it. See how it runs on your device. That's it I guess, see you on the next announcement.