What to get in Buy Station of Warzone Mobile

Buy Station can be found at every point of interest of Warzone Mobile. Here are what you should and should not buy.

Buy Station in Warzone Mobile - zilliongamer

You can buy a lot of useful items that can helps you win the game or you can waste a lot of money for item that you can find on the ground loot.

Buy Station in Warzone Mobile - zilliongamer

Down here is a list showcase all items you can get in Warzone Mobile buy station.

1. Armor Plate Bundle

The first item is a bundle of 3 armor plate that you can get for $1500. It's not worth it consider how easy it is to find Armor plate.

You can find them inside almost anywhere, even from the enemy body, and you can stack it up to 5.

So mostly, you don't really need to waste money buying this bundle, unless you really armor plate.

2. Gas Mask

Gas Mask is an absolute item that you should buy if you can't find it anywhere because sometime it can be hard to find this item in your loot area.

Having Gas Mask can extend your survival chance when you are not in the safe zone, or when you get pin down and the gas is creeping back behind you.

Gas mask cost only $3000, it's an essential item that you should always get in the buy station if you don't have one on you.

3. Mortar Strike

Mortar Strike is an offensive item that use to command a mortar rain fire in a certain area.

Mortar Strike cost $3000 which is the same the Gas Mask, however it's not worth to buy this item since you can get a better one for just $500 more.

4. Precision Airstrike

Precision Airstrike is another offensive item that use to command a Jet to airstrike a certain area.

This item cost $3500 and you should buy it if you want to have an offensive item ready by your side anytime, either use it to finish or secure your kills.

The reason why Precision Airstrike is better than Mortar Strike is that it execute your command almost instantly after you call it in.

Whereas Mortar Strike has a little delayed from strike to strike.

5. Self-Revive Kit

The Self-Revive Kit is very well worth the $4000 price, you can really go along when having this equip.

It's also quite rare to find a Self-revive kit when looting, so if you have enough cash, consider getting it.

Especially, in the mid to late game, it can really helps you win the game without you even realizing it sometime.

6. Munitions Box

Munitions Box is a decent item that cost $4500, it's really depend on your playstyle to consider buying this item or not.

If you are a player that like to go for high kills count every match, having munitions box allows you to refilled your ammo in the heat of action so it worth it.

However, If you feels like you never run out of ammo when playing Warzone Mobile, you shouldn't buy this item, there are plenty of ammo for you on the ground loot anyway.

7. Armor Box

Armor Box is worth it if you play in Squad, generally your teammate or you will run out of armor plate quick, if you engage in a lot of fire fight.

So if one in the Squad has an Armor Box, you'll set for another gunfight.

However, If you are playing alone, Armor Box is not recommended for you. It's expensive at $6000 and inconvenience, you can find plenty of armor plate in the ground loot anyway.


UAV is one of the best item that you can get in the buy station period. It's cost $6000 to get a UAV and you should always get it.

UAV is a pretty rare item that you can get from looting, having it ease the anxiety of always wanting to know the enemy location.

If you found the UAV, use it instantly, If you buy the UAV in the late game, also use it instantly. It's will render all the enemies location around you.

9. Loadout Drop Marker

Loadout Drop marker is only worth it if you are playing Squad, it's the most expensive item in the buy station at $10000 per item.

If you are playing Solo and Duo just take the risk in the Public drop instead of spending all these money for a custom loadout.

Buy Station Fire Sale

Fire Sale usually happens in the middle or late game. During this period, Items in Buy station are discounted up to 30%.

Buy Station Fire Sale in Warzone Mobile - zilliongamer

You can take advantage of this period to buy any items you need, especially a UAV or a Self-Revive Kit.

After the Fire sale ended, all items will return back to their normal price.

It's a great function that rewards players who struggling with cash during the game.


Overall, a UAV, Self Revive, and Gas Mask is worth every penny and very highly needed to increase your chance of winning in Warzone Mobile, where as other items are needed based on your playstyle or whether you are playing with a full Squad or not.

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