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Viperian is a unique hero who offers persistent debuffs, AoE damage potential, and self-sustain in exchange for careful HP management. He excels in compositions that can aid him in surviving his own power and in situations where his persistent debuffs on multiple enemies can have a significant impact.

Viperian Tier

AA Range5

In AFK Journey Viperian is considered an A Tier character inside the Mage Class & Graveborn Faction with 5 AA-range.

Viperian Skills Guide

Viperian has 6 skills that require you to unlock by leveling up your character.

Ultimate - Spiritual Viper

This skill unlocks at level1, has a 0s cooldown, Global tiles range, and requires 250 Initial energy.

Skill Passive Detail: Viperian burns HP as much as possible when a battle starts, sending Dakrviper's to possess all enemies until his HP is below 60%. During this skill, he is unaffected while losing 7% max HP for each Darkviper deployed. Every possessed enemy drops 20 energy on hit, losing 1% HP per second to sustain the survivability of the Darkviper on them. Viperian calls a Darkviper back to recover 14% HP when his HP ratio is below 30%.

Skill Active Detail: Viperian deals 280% damage to all possessed enemies. He inflicts the nearest enemy with the same effect and Darkviper possession if no enemy no the battlefield is possessed.

Upgrade Skill as the following level down below:

Unlocks at level 51: Increases damage to 290%.

Unlocks at level 111: Increases damage to 300%.

Unlocks at level 171: Increases damage to 310%.

Unlocks at level 231: Increases damage to 320%.

1st Skill - Vitality Extract

This skill unlocks at level 11, with a 8s cooldown, and has a 5-tile range.

Skill Detail: Viperian drains HP from the healthiest enemy, dealing 210% damage and recovering HP which equals the damage dealt.

Upgrade Skill as the following level down below:

Unlocks at level 71: Increases damage to 220%.

Unlocks at level 131: Increases damage to 230%.

Unlocks at level 191: Increases damage to 240%.

2nd Skill - Enchantment Fang

his skill unlocks at level 31, with a 15s cooldown, and Global range.

Skill Passive Detail: Darkvipers launch Tearing Bite once every 2s during the battle, dealing 65% damage once to all the possessed enemies.

Skill Active Detail: Viperian burns 10% max HP to enhance the next Tearing Bite, dealing 140% damage to the target and reducing their Energy by 60.

Upgrade Skill as the following level down below:

Unlocks at level 91: Increases Common Tearing Bite damage to 75%.

Unlocks at level 151: Increases Enhanced Tearing Bite damage to 150%.

Unlocks at level 211: Reduces the target's Energy by 100

Hero Focus

You can unlock Hero Focus after reaching Legendary, with a TBD cooldown, and 1 tile range.

Skill Detail: Increases Haste by 12 during battle.

Level 2: Increases Haste by 16% during battle.

Level 3: Increases Haste by 20% during battle.

Ex. Skill - Fervent Hunt

You can unlock Exclusive skill after reaching Mythic, with a 30s cooldown, and Global range.

Skill Detail: Viperian burns 30% HP 10s into a battle if his HP ratio is above 90%, dealing 420% damage to all enemies. He is Unaffected during the skill casting. This skill can be triggered once every 30s.

Upgrade Skill as the following level down below:

Unlocks at Ex. Weapon +5: Increases damage to 450%.

Unlocks at Ex.Weapon +10: Dark vipers gain 2 enhancements after the skill is cast.

Unlocks at Ex.Weapon +15: Increases damage to 480%.

Enhance Force

You can unlock Enhance Force after reaching Supreme.

Effect of Skill 2: Darkvipers return when the possessed enemies are defeated, recovering 14% HP and 80 energy for Viperian.

Viperian Pros & Cons


  • Unique Playstyle: Viperian has a very distinct playstyle focused on sacrificing his own health for persistent debuffs and damage against enemies.
  • Area-of-Effect Damage: Both his ultimate and Exclusive Skill provide AoE damage potential.
  • Sustain: Viperian has HP recovery built into several of his skills, including the potential to recall Darkvipers for health.
  • Energy Reduction: His active "Enchantment Fang" and, potentially, his Exclusive Skill reduce enemy energy.
  • Unaffected Status: Portions of his kit grant him temporary immunity, offering some protection.


  • High-Risk, High-Reward: Viperian's power is directly tied to his willingness to sacrifice his own HP, making him a risky choice.
  • Management Required: Playing Viperian well requires careful management of his HP levels and timing of abilities to maximize effectiveness.
  • Susceptible to Burst: If Viperian cannot keep his health up through his skills, he can be vulnerable to burst damage.
  • Cooldown Reliance: His AoE damage, potent Energy reduction, and major self-healing are tied to cooldowns.
  • Dependent on Possession: Viperian's effectiveness is somewhat reliant on successfully possessing enemies with his Darkvipers.

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